Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bad Romance

This is so unlike my usual mood, but last night I pulled together my most fashionable pink clothes including my American Apparel rose jumper and vintage blouse for an outfit post of epic proportions. As luck would have it, I also received my This is Make Believe resin rose necklace in 'red' but it has more of a pink quality to it. I'm so happy to finally have it in my possession and see that it's safe too- while the resin isn't as flimsy as paper I don't want to bang it about too much in case I chip one of the petals.

Wearing: Cotton on Black Skirt, American Apparel 3-D Ribbon Rose jumper in Blossom, vintage silk blouse, This is Make Believe resin rose necklace, various homemade pink bow clips, prison issue plastic rosary bead in pink and pictured holding Cocoa-Cola in Cherry as well as Mr. Pink Diana F+ camera from Lomography and magenta satchel from Typo.

I chose not to wear all the pieces included in this photoset at once since it made it look too messy and instead indulged in mixing and matching various pieces together deciding the rosary necklace looked better without the jumper as did the medium format camera in a pink plastic body and coke can.

There's a few things I'd like to wear tomorrow since it feels like it will be my first day of transition from high school into university, and I do like the combination of the rose necklace as well as the pink plastic rosary from afar. I might give the double bows in my hair a miss though and hopefully it will dry straight for tomorrow.

You haven't seen the last of my beloved can of Coca-Cola cherry since I haven't popped open this bad boy yet. While in America last year I got to drink Dr. Pepper which I loved and it was described as being coke with a cherry flavour. So surely the real deal is going to blow my mind and be the best tasting thing ever- right?

The most frequently used 120 format camera in my arsenal is the Diana F+ Mr. Pink edition which comes in fluorescent pink and boasts an all plastic body. At the moment it's fitted with an external viewfinder which also acts as something to gauge what the lighting in the environment is like. I still haven't gotten any of my films developed yet, because I'm such a lazy bum.

Although this is a bit too much pink to handle, I do like the different materials of the necklace blouse and jumper as well as the shades and the way the interact with the bright flash from my camera. I'll almost be definitely wearing my resin rose necklace tomorrow and maybe give new people something to talk about when they first see me. Bringing a little icebreaker to the party as it were.

Because of the multiple swirling ribbons hand sewn onto this sheer jumper, it's surprisingly heavy and weighty and the elastic cuffs as well as hem is a bit of a shocker to when you first wear it but it's a really beautiful piece. I just need more incentive to wear it out and make use of it's unusual texture. Because I'm low on cash and I never wear it that much, I'm selling it on eBay for $100 AUD so if you're interested, pop a comment below and we can talk about it.

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