Thursday, January 26, 2012

Artist: Sashiko Yuen

Yet again I find myself admiring the illustrative qualities and imagination lying behind such works which feature girls with wildly coloured hair as well as neatly penned and sketched bodies. Sashiko Yuen is yet another artist whose style I admire but there's definitely a bit more edge and malice about their work compared to that of Ann Muddy, another artist I have recently discussed on this blog. The main difference in their styles is that Yuen seems to favour portrait shots of cute and colourful girls with an innate darkness about them and there's a softer type of pastel shading and blending between colours in these drawings.

Anything that features a Disneyland souvenir cap in their work or online store wins a lot of acclaim with me, especially at this time of year when in 2011 I had just returned from a twenty day exchange to America and bought my own Mickey Mouse cap. Similarities between Muddy and Yuen is their knack for capturing luscious curves and also their prowess for drawing women with fantastically coloured hair as well as dress sense.

I'm not a large fan of rockabilly style myself, but I do like the curls tinted with pink hues for this girls hair as well as her rose bustier top. A lot of the drawn women feature wild tattoos full of colour that are added for decoration and colour such as the skulls and hearts but I think that without them and keeping the ribbon scripture tattoo would be a little more powerful in terms of design and colour. I love the whimsy of the hair and how unrealistic it is- if you ever did try to create such a look for yourself in real life I think that it would fail abysmally unless you had a runway class hairdresser controlling the colour and style of your hair. That's what's great about drawing and imagination though, you can create unrealistic things and make them beautiful.

I love the control of the lines for the eyebrows as well as the different texture of the hair drawn for Sashiko Yuen's work- it makes me want to fill my 2012 personal diary full of whimsical drawings in a similar manner. Also the oriental style of the eyes makes me want to go out a little more and perfect the use of my new liquid eyeliner, although it will be quite a long time before you catch my using pastel colours for eyeshadow. While I'm still discussing the face, I've always had a personal struggle when drawing noses from the front-on profile but Yuen's really nailed it for this drawing with carefully placed lines that aren't too fussy. I love the eyeball collar of her outfit, I wonder if it was inspired from a real collared shirt...

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