Saturday, January 21, 2012

American Indian

I may not be the best Wednesday Adams due to my natural tan, but people have mistaken me for being of Native American ancestry which I believe to be just a little bit cooler. What could be better than being adopted into such a wild and fascinating culture? There's feathered headdresses, suede with fringing and tassels, leather tooled bags as well as loose hanging shawls and cloaks in all manner of wonderful prints. So really, what's not to love? There's not so many of these pieces within Australia although there will be suede jackets with tassel fringing but in terms of finding say, the vibrant watercolour scarf of an Apache chief shown above. All the material you see there can be worn around your neck but I like the idea of wearing it as a cape and swooping around the house too or maybe a costume party with a homemade feather headdress and deep red lines on your cheeks.

I've seen quite a few vintage suede tassel jackets but I think this shawl type cape is one of the most extravagant; it's not everyday you see fringed suede down to your knees which started at your mid-arm so enjoy the sight while you still can. I happen to own the perfect pair of Aztec printed leggings to wear with such an ensemble and it goes well with novelty sweaters too.

The combination of embroidered triangles and sewn detail makes this one of the greatest cliche hipster coats I've seen in a while. I love the combination of the light beige and the tan brown together as well as the small diamonds on the middle seam. The structure is very loose and laid-back without toggles or buttons but I'm sure you could tie it off with a sash or belt if you so desired. I'm looking for a casual jacket/ coat/ kimono with vibrant colours and patterns to throw over the top of a plain black skirt as well as shirt, although I have never had to pick what I wear day-in and day-out I am determined not to dress in a boring manner for university and to minimise wearing the same or similar outfits twice.

I love the popularisation of leather bags into fashion again as well as the production of new leather bags with this tooled and etched effect. I don't own a bag such as this myself but I do enjoy scrolling through eBay listings as well as Etsy to find vintage treasure and all sorts of animals and motifs etched on the side. As much as I do admire the design and craftsmanship on these bags, at the moment I'm more or less drawn to the appeal of satchels in bright colours and the notion of mastering colour blocking.

I've never been invited to a costume party but I have been dying to have an excuse to dress-up as the American Indian Pocahontas and this large kimono with a versatile print of the land would be a stunning addition to any costume. Worn with suede tassel boots or perhaps moccasin and carrying around a toy raccoon and you'll be in business, oh, and a feathered headdress wouldn't hurt either. I like the chic look here and the detail on the low hanging sleeves but it's a very dramatic outfit and you are sure to earn a bit of attention for wearing it.

I wish there were more of these gorgeous vintage pieces featuring Native Americans in Australia! Luckily I have installed Paypal and am free to browse the wonderful world of Etsy which is full of dangerous and alluring vintage eye candy for me. The simple, light blue jeans with torn knees matches the main tableau of the jacket perfectly and the fringing around the edges isn't too over the top and the sleeves look cosy and roomy. At the moment I've already got my mind on pieces for layering and rugging up in Winter- I'm not sure how the heating at university will be but I will prepare for the worse and see how that pays off.

From the online store I sourced these photographs from, this is my second favourite bag and my favourite leather tooled bag showing exquisite three-dimensional detail of a man and a woman dancing. The detail on the woman's skirt, as well as the roses and vines are just beautiful- plus the small fur panel surrounding the circular leather panel reminds me a lot of Deadly Ponies bags I have lusted after.

I love the rust colour/ tan of this suede jacket but I'm so intimidated by the fringing down to the ankles of the model- without the heels I imagine the end tassels threatening to skim across the ground and wear off. It would be a tragedy to cut off the suede fringing as well and rob the piece of it's vintage appeal but I don't think, even on a good day, that I would have the confidence to proudly sport this jacket. Dancing around and twirling in the living room would be a joy though, so long as the suede doesn't whip at your bare legs when it finally stops.


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