Sunday, January 8, 2012

American Apparel: Vintage Woolen Capes

After all the discussion about desert boots and closed shoes I'm in the mindset to rug up or at least wear a few layers despite the sun warming up the Australian land so often nicknamed the sun burnt country. I already own a cape from American Apparel but that's apart of their newly manufactured line whereas the California Select range is good quality and vintage dead stock items from California such as these featured woolen capes. It was the large tie of bows that first caught my attention as well as the soft and thick woolen materials worn with new jeans and a green turtle neck sweater.

To showcase their small range scarves and ribbons in the model's hair helped to channel the vintage appeal of the clothes as well as tightly hugging pants, rounded off toed brogues and bright lipstick. During Winter and while on holidays I am known to wake up, traipse up and down the house in my pyjamas and then to wrap the nearest blanket around my shoulders. Nothing is more embarrassing then sitting in the dark on the computer in such a manner and then to bump into my brother dresses in a suit and off to a job interview. It truly makes you feel like you've embraced the dark side of hobo culture but these swish woolen capes are something you can flaunt outside while still staying warm in the cooler seasons.

I'm not sure whether it's the actual structure of these pieces or simply a different way of wearing the same woolen capes but there seems to be a little more folding in the material and where a knotted bow was before instead the top folds of the item are worn as a casual and chic scarf. Certainly from the side profile you can see that there's little room for the chilly wind to nip at your arms but there's also freedom to move about. I love the colour palette chosen for this baby pink woolen cape with the beige coloured pleated pants and the bright red shoes.

I'd love to be able to fold my arms across my chest in something like this- especially when sitting on a long and bumpy train ride home from the city. I may just be tempted to get something like this in preparation for my later university days in this very promising year. You can imagine a young girl letting the folds of something like this flutter in the wind while carrying a coffee to go- it may even make for an entrancing opening scene in a movie. 

There's so many different ways to wear the humble woolen cape, I think this is my favourite way by neatly tucking the sash under the folds and fastening it under the neck with a tied of bow. While there is less folding and the material tends to flair out from the shoulders and has a more traditional cape structure to it. This is the sort of shape I envisage when someone mentions the word poncho or cape. I love seeing capes worn with jeans to bunker down against the cold and bitter chills.

While I don't own too many things in green aside from two skirts I do love the deep but somehow still colourful hue of this woolen beast as well as the shade being dubbed as 'Blarney'. I think it's very fitting since it is a rather Irish shade of green and would look very good alongside a long black shirt dress from a post I mentioned earlier or perhaps something long and floaty in a pink or pastel shade? I must be a little sick at the moment mixing colours together in unholy combinations but how else does anything new come about in the world of fashion? If I didn't already buy an American Apparel white blouse this week I may have thought to buy this cape but since the online store only accepts credit cards and not Paypal I'm a bit stuck anyway. Such a shame- I really could do with a little more green in my wardrobe.

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