Friday, January 13, 2012

All the Beautiful Flowers

I'm in one of the most wonderful romantic moods but I'm also zonked out after sleeping-in today past noon. I've spent the day gathering research and hand-writing notes on a brand, putting together images of Alexa Chung and reading a soppy love story from the library. Another thing I dedicated today to was organising pictures of flowers and arranging my own fake ones that are gifts from my boyfriend. While this is probably just one of my wild moods brought about from a hormonal imbalance I hope it stays; I quite like organising space in my room for an armchair, looking at photographs of pretty flowers and chasing up a pink Yves Saint Laurent arty ovale ring.

About twice a year a line of rose bushes along the back of my garden light up in full bloom and give off a frenzy of budding flowers, it's about as wild and numerous as the roses pictured here but there's less of a red tinge to the pink and the petals are a brighter and hotter shade of pink. Unfortunately since plants are lacking in intelligence they just don't know when to stop and keep growing until they fall over due to their own weight. At one point of the year a few of out best roses were crushed into the ground by the heavy weight of rain and gravity. A real pity. 

Even if my romantic and flower-loving hippy mood dissipate I would still like to make my way to the annual flower show in my city and visit it with my mother and a good SLR film camera in hand. I remember last year when I burned with agony at the invitation from my mother and had to turn down the opportunity due to the amount of study I had to do to keep up with my subjects but this year I am free to do as a I please as long as I keep up with university study which should be a lighter load in comparison.

I love the dreamy purple tinge to the photograph created undoubtedly by the low light and mystery of a camera lens- I wish I could return to final year celebrations with my friends. In Australia it's somewhat tradition to head off for a week or two after finishing exams on what is known as 'schoolies' and drink plenty and head down to the beach. With our collective and emptied bottles of drink I would have loved to find some gorgeous flowers to sink them into just as someone else has done before me.

I'm in desperate need of floral skirts and more vintage or vintage looking pieces within my wardrobe, but before that takes place I really should sell the unnecessary items in my room to make space and money for new things. If I could, pulling together a garage sale would be ideal but eBay will have to do and this way I don't have to deal with haggling and much human interaction. To be fair, my yard and driveway would not make the ideal setting for such a sale anyway.

The filtered effect of this photograph is subtle, but with the darkening edges of the image as well as what looks like gentle distortion I would say a toy camera with maybe a fisheye lens has been used or something that vignettes at the corners such as a Diana of Holga camera. I quite like the combination of pink and red tinged flowers and purple as well. I wish I could be bothered finding an ideal spot for flowers to grow in my yard but goodness knows that I am more interested in flowers I can look at in photographed and film form.

An interior decorating idea I'm currently toying with at the moment is buying a small square of fake grass but instead of using it as a rough rug I could place some small potted flowers and species of cactus with a little piece of outdoor furniture like a patio chair or a beach chair. My father was a great fan of gardening but he doesn't seem to quite have the energy for it anymore and when I played basketball he would always volunteer to drive me to games and watch on a Saturday. One of the things I guess I can look forward to when I'm an adult and own my own home is looking after plants and enjoying beautiful flowers.

I'd love to have one of these trees in my own garden- some of my favourite and more artistic film camera shots have come from photographing the flowers and the blue sky of this tree. Everyday from walking home from school I would pass a neighbour's house and in their front yard was one of these trees and its seasonal cycle is quite different from many other trees- there's little growth in Winter and bare looking spindly branches and a sudden explosion of petals and flowers and what follows that is new growth. I would love to be able to have one of these trees in my garden, especially if I live to be a little old lady.

Nothing makes me feel more in touch with nature than cruelly ripping a flower from a nearby tree or bush and pushing the sprig behind my ear and in my hair. Flowers are on of the more traditional affluent symbols which have been incorporated into design for years and years but with so many different species the possibilities are endless and they will never truly tire.

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