Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Alexa on the Brain

As much as I love Alexa Chung I swear she's setting me on the path to ruin- I'm already trying to get my hands on cat ballet flats in suede from Charlotte Olympia as well as Yves Saint Laurent Ovale Arty ring thanks to this starlets influence when I was doing so well saving money and being stint. Next week is Chinese New Year and I do hope my mother doesn't stop the traditional gift of uang bao or money pouches! On Australia Day I'll also start refereeing six games a fay for three days and that will be my last big score before I start refereeing again regularly once a week. I should pick up another shift, Saturday and earn a little extra money in pocket this year to save. It's difficult to keep my mind on saving money for the future when I don't have a lot put aside in terms of a retirement fund.

Pictured with a Chanel hand bag as well as the gorgeous kitty flats is Ms. Chung herself. I always wanted to look up to a celebrity in my pre-teen years when I was clunky and awkward but I never imagined the influence of a celebrity could be so over-whelming.

The positive influence of Alexa Chung's style is that she seems to incorporate a lot of vintage pieces into her wardrobe as well with simple gold necklace charms and large thick statement rings. Just the way I like it. I know I should be content with the wardrobe I have but I can't help but want more, my boyfriend has already noted that I have a lot of clothes but if that's so, maybe I'll get off my butt and sell the unnecessary items that I've been meaning to do and put a little extra cash in my pocket.

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