Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Alexa in Wonderland

At the moment I have a pretty good phone, but at the moment I can't help wondering what it would be like to use applications such as Hipstamatic or Instagram to take digital photographs made to vignette and distort slightly. My father has an iPhone from his new work, one of the newest models the iPhone 4S but I also want to get an iPad as my newest digital toy. For that to happen though I would need to successfully sell a lot of my items on eBay in order to pay for such an extravagant toy. Maybe I will after the so called 'armagedon and end of the world' in December this year. After Boxing Day, the biggest sales day in Australia would be good but maybe I'll wait for a new model or something perhaps?

Although I am a large fan of film photography including original 35mm prints using weird lenses and effects as well as Polaroids, I can't help but wonder what it would be like to combine the best of the digital age with vintage style photograph and create images as easily as Alexa does that crop up on Tumblr. In doing so, Alexa makes herself just that little more available to audiences and fans and seems a little more ordinary despite her extraordinary good looks.

The greatest asset of digital photography is being able to see exactly what the frame you're about to take looks like, as well as the minimal cost of SD cards and memory when taking photographs. There's no guess work about lighting and aperture, so something as simple as plain black Doc Martens can look artistic and edgy on ordinary carpet.I must admit, I've been a bit of a snob when it comes to recognising Instagram and Hipstamatic as a photographic tool but seeing Alexa Chung immortalised in its frames changes my mind.

I don't even care if this photograph is edited; I love the notion of these two geniuses coming together. On the right is Alexa Chung and the left Zooey Deschanel; and I love the stark bright colours of Zooey's outfit on the right as well as the fur trim coat worn by Chung on the left. I keep trying to find similar coats or cool vintage Winter coats from Etsy for the cooler months- I must be fired up by the release of so many A/W 2012 collections coming up this February.

As an individual who has many different interest myself, I find Alexa Chung's lifestyle a sort of inspiration. She's a television presenter, DJ, model and style icon and her self-portrait photographs using her iPhone as well as her fashion collaboration with US label Madewell are all too inspiring. There are many people who would do anything to strive within each individual field but she juggles all her talents and seems so content and effortless in her routine. Someone very wise once said 'You're still weak if you're only strong at one thing' and that statement doesn't apply to Alexa but at the moment it does to me. Last year I was focused on scholastic achievement but this year I'm going to become a better referee as well as blogger, join at least one university club and also continue to achieve well in studying.

While it is highly improbable to catch Alexa in a bathtub using a Polaroid camera (the size format is all wrong, even for the new Polaroid Minis from Fujifilm) I would love to attend some of the costume parties available to club members at university using a film camera and even Polaroid camera. I have big plans for this year, and I think as long as I keep reminding myself of the life I want to live then I will achieve some of my goals. I usually set my goals too high though- one of my faults I guess.

On anyone else, I would say the dress is kinky, but somehow Alexa makes it cool and sultry instead. It must be the combination of a gingham print in red and white and the structure of the shoulder that makes it seem a little more in the tradition of original vintage dresses, but since the dart down her thigh is part of the hem, I wonder what the true history behind this dress are. All I know is that the look over her shoulder makes for one smouldering effect when coupled with a bright photographic flash.

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