Saturday, January 14, 2012

Alexa Chung's School Girl Charm

It's been far too long since I posted something shameless about my silly girl crush on Alexa Chung, and after all the discussion of clutches masquerading as books I'm in a bit of a school girl charm mood and who else can bring such style to my blog then the British DY, model and television presenter than Ms. Chung? I've tried to include some of her more simpler outfits in which she wears overall pinafores, ruffled dresses, Paddington Bear duffel coats, thick collared blouses under jumpers with skinny jeans as well as simple and thin jersey shirts with wildly coloured denim. I don't mean to be critical when I say this, but from the outfits I have included today there is nothing very special about their construction and the way Alexa wears them. No, rather she has confidence when she goes outside and doesn't seem to hung up on hair and make up sporting her signature short looks and natural looking make up.

The bold skirt and white shirt aren't anything that can't be bough from any shopping centre but the finishing touches include two thin gold necklaces of different lengths, a variety of different rings and the perfect black boots to finish off the ensemble. I often find that Alexa Chung's personal style involves Mulberry bags and very minimalist design, while she does incorporate patterns and glamorous detail in clothing she doesn't opt for bold and eye-catching designs. There's sometimes the contrast between white and black on the collar of a dress or blouse but that's as far as she does really.

It seems that even celebrities and models aren't prone to the cheesy self-portrait photographs when using a phone- but I do like the gritty editing at the edges. It seems Chung has used one of the popular editing programs for iPhones such as Instagram or Hipstamatic to make the silver tone and beaded detail of her coat shine even brighter. I do rather like the slick side fringe and wearing what could be a day dress with predominantly black body and contrasting white collar, but the gorgeous party coat over the top is the obvious centre of attention.

I almost wish I had short hair again so I could pull it up and wear it roughly with a large and colourful piece of ribbon! The really striking thing about this image is Alexa's serious expression, clasped hands as well as the large upholstered chair she sits in which looks like its covered in a denim coloured material. The deep arch of her eyebrow as well as her carefully applied liquid eyeliner makes for an entrancing stare, and I like the way a simple black slogan shirt has been dressed up with layered and thin gold chained necklaces. Her's is a wardrobe I would certainly like to raid, if I had ever lost enough weight and gained more height.

Occasionally you will see such a playful and youthful pose struck by Chung you could maybe even mistake her for really being a school girl. However, if I recall correctly, Alexa Chung started her modelling career after finishing high school but before she was meant to study at university. I like the half blond, half brown hair that fans away from her face like the magnificent mane of a lion; on someone else it would look like bad regrowth but Chung's signature hair style looks quite becoming when worn with a simple and friendly small smile.

It's images like this that make me consider buying a floppy wool hat from American Apparel, in a colour versatile and wearable with wild floral prints and paisley shift dresses.I do wish Alexa would be careful with what she does with that smile and those alluring eyes, it makes a girl want to become her and dress more in her image. I've never had a real affinity for celebrities outside the current cast of Doctor Who but there's something about Alexa that I have a fondness about. It must be the fact that she's an accomplished DJ and model, as well as television presenter and her last name being Chung. I too have Chinese ancestry and it's somewhat comforter to see a global name with the same sort of background as myself.

Seeing Alexa's influence makes me truly believe that wearing awkward mid-length socks and dress leather shoes with vintage looking dresses is completely fine and when you channel the vintage look you may as well go all out. In case you should ever wonder, I don't think highly of rockabilly but I do like the romantic side of vintage; that is florals, leather dress shoes as well as boater and large straw hats and small pill box hats.

These three last photographs are my favourite of the British model in which she sits in a large, dark green easy chair something similar to what I'm trying to get into my own room, Chung wearing a blue duffel coat, pink framed glasses and a Chanel bag with skinny blue jeans and black boots as well as a coy pose in front of a wall of ivy wearing a thick collared dress and a cardigan draped casually around her shoulders. I would love to try my hand at recreating all three but I will have to wait for colder weather and my wardrobe expanding when I get some of the clothes I've been expecting for a while. Fingers crossed they all make it safely into my care.

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