Sunday, January 15, 2012

Alexa Chung Modelling

For someone with such a naturally sweet face, Alexa Chung can really pull off some fierce looking poses and give a smouldering stare right down the barrel of the camera lens. This little post is a simple homage to some of her photo shoots and the way she models professionally and maybe you'll see a similarity between when she strikes a pose when spotted on the street. Even when striking a pose for a camera in a shoot though, the clothing worn by Chung is still a reflection of her personal style in some way, featuring most commonly Peter Pan collars, lace and vintage looking prints. It's one thing to be paid and work as a model as well as television presenter and DJ but you would really have to win the lottery of life to look brilliant in all your appearances in media as well.

I'm not sure as to whether the pink blush on Alexa's face is from the reflection of that bright red, lace dress but it seems fitting really. I love the darker shade of her hair and the windblown effect for her top half, but the perfectly symmetrical shape of her dress. I would have loved to wear something like this for my senior formal, but I guess sadly that all that is behind me know and I'll never really get a good chance to dress up and wear a fancy dress. I bet a long pair of black gloves and the right pair of stiletto heels would look great with this dress in all it's lacy glory. The scalloped hem and the pleats at the waist are one of my favourite constructions in terms of the skirts for fancy dresses go.

This is one of the sexier poses I've ever seen Alexa Chung pose in but the styling is utterly her own- from the thick eyeliner that thickens at the edges to the contrasting white collar underneath the jumper she wears. This isn't an orthodox pose I'm used to seeing pulled by models, but my girl crush infatuation with this British model is forcibly making me give her two thumbs up from looking beneath her long dark lashes as well as sticking out her bottom and wearing a skimpy, tight-fitting skirt. I think the filtered black and white effect over the photograph is the saving grace and gives it vintage class.

I loved wearing silver jewellery throughout high school but as I find myself on the verge of becoming a university student, I want something more precious and expensive. I love the necklaces Alexa Chung wears, the thin necklace shown hear is decorated in the occasional tiny pressed heart which has just the right proportions. While I do know which brands are the best in terms of making gritty and grunge silver jewellery with attitude from New Zealand, I'm clueless as to where to get something cute and classy like this gold necklace.

I love the simple and girly pose of Chung sitting on the windowsill in a vintage sailor dress, the shade of blue matches the walls and the silver taps of the bath tub add to the vintage mood. While her legs are firmly shut together, we can cheekily see a lot of her legs and I think I would kill to have legs as skinny as hers.

You can just faintly see the thin outline of Alexa Chung's signature cameo necklace of a skull in this photograph- I'm dying to know what the brand is. Whenever I do a hunt around online all I can find is cheap cameo's that aren't worth the effort of buying. While it may sound snobbish, I believe that you get what you pay for and while buying cheap costume jewellery is well and good for some people, I would look to get good quality pieces that I will own for my lifetime rather than throw out cheap metal necklaces. 

I absolutely adore this pink ruffle dress worn by Alexa Chung, shown here with her beau Alex Turner. I know I said that the red lace dress was something I would have worn to my senior formal, but inside I was always dying to unleash my inner princess and splash out on a pink dress that was feminine and in a ballerina type of style. While my mother would have never allowed it, it would have been nice for just one night to be the kind of girl that shocked everyone for a night and wowed the crowd. Still, I'm happy living precariously through photographs of this British Model and complimenting her on her choice of simple gold necklace (a peace sign) as well as edgy black boots and a thick black belt with this pink dress.

If you're interested in living as Alexa does and need some fairy lights, Typo in Australia and cropping up all over the world can easily hook you up with your needs and Urban Outfitters now sell a great Union Jack blanket which doubles as a sheet you can hang on your wall monumentally. You hear that my lovelies? Now you have no need to procrastinate. Go out into the world and decorate your room with British charm and a picture of David Bowie- post hast!

Whenever I try to look something like this it ends up terribly wrong: I feel embarrassed about trying to model in my own self-portraits as well as subconscious of my body and the way I look. If you've got it, flaunt it but if you don't got it then I strongly suggest you try your best to be yourself and lighten up. Me? I may just invest in a pair of old wrecked tennis shoes from a second hand shop, denim shorts, a large shirt over the top as well as a chic camisole underneath and some thin gold necklaces. Oh Alexa, why are you doing this to me?

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