Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hipster Youth Culture

I feel like such a borderline old person sometimes when I'm hypercritical of teenagers clothing- while I can accept and warm up to baseball/ raglan shirts, pink hair and sparkly make up I will never accept short-shorts in denim that allows the viewer to see the edges of someone's butt. That's just gross and sick- have some pride in yourself and don't bare your skin so much. Also in my humble and modest opinion you really shouldn't wear low-cut shirts in the daytime when your bits threaten to spill out over the edges. These opinions are all just based on what I think though and may not be for everyone but I think that when you dress too skimpy you can attract the wrong sort of attention and it's something you'd regret in the end.

Ah Winter, at least in this bitterly chilling month everyone is force to rug up for the good of their health whether they like it or not and dress modestly. For that reason, Winter is my favourite season as well as the fact I can layer clothing, snuggle into my bed sheets and sleep well and that none of my pets have died in Winter whereas it seems they have all died in Summer. There's a lot more creativity and though that does into an outfit for Winter where you can mismatch prints and have elaborate layers but in Summer, or at least for Australians you have to dress to be comfortable and I hate that sometimes.

Maybe it would be nice to abandon my individual sense of style and just become a true and fully-fledged hipster- buying short denim shirts and small black singlets as well as wearing leggings as pants with long white socks and cheap canvas shoes... YEAH RIGHT! I would disappoint my brother, myself as well as my hippy and pot-smoking Literature teacher if I abandoned my sense of self and style. Still, maybe lying next to a similarly dressed lover would be nice and having the frame tinted with odd colours from Instagram or even old 35mm film.

I'm much happier picking off vintage goodies online such as loose hanging denim shirts as well as denim jackets with alterations and long tennis socks to accentuate my long legs. At least hipsters get that much right and know how to show off their bodies in order to attract the opposite sex- not that I need that though, I'm happily tied down with the best ball and chain in the world.

Black is Back

Wearing: Billionaire Boys Club Varsity Jacket, Cotton on black skirt, Kenji Heels and Tokito black camisole.

Summer is usually too hot to even think of wearing jackets, but lucky for me I live in Melbourne where the weather changes as easily as a person infected with bi-polar tendencies. Today the monthly totals for my blog have in come in: at 29,998 a mere two views short of my goal. So I'm in a bit of a black mood but I'm also constructive today and put together a quick outfit of my varsity jacket with ice cream motifs and the new heels I bought this afternoon! 

Wearing: (From Top to Bottom) Black Najo Coin Ring, Woodford & Co Coin Ring, Stolen Girlfriends Club Bow Ring and Silver Wave Ring from Prouds Jewellers.

As I was just about to get into bed last night I decided to put on some of my favourite silver rings at the moment and show off my newest ring, pictured on my pointing finger. I love bows and this one is perfect, I'll definitely be saving to buy the gold plated version of this ring next from Good As Gold.

I have a big obsession with gorgeous statement and unusual rings but when I wear them out I would never wear two rings next to each other; it risks them scratching each other and they get worn enough as it is. Last Summer I even got a ring tan line from a feather shaped wrap ring but I've misplaced it somewhere in my house at the moment... to ease the pain I've bought two new rings within two months. That would be the rings on my pointer and ring fingers. I'm also expecting an Yves Saint Laurent ring with a pink stone and might even be tempted to get another black one of the same design... also some great pieces on Etsy. I really need to control my eyes when it comes to ogling gorgeous jewellery.

I caved when I saw these gorgeous heels for a second time- over a month ago when I was working as a Christmas casual but at the time I couldn't afford them. They reminded me so much of some vintage heels from Moschino with the same gold detail band on the heel and suede material but they're a lot higher than the original Moschino heels. They're also really comfortable to talk in and stylish too. I'll have to invest in some show spray to keep the suede safe in case of rain but I still need practice when it comes to walking in heels.

Strange that I've managed to create a vignette effect with my DSLR camera but still, that's something great about the kooky lighting in the hallway! I really love this jacket but since the sleeves are vinyl they can make some weird crinkly noises at the most inappropriate of situations. There's very small Japanese warriors on the press buttons and I love black jackets. The small red sleeves and collar add a splash of colour and so do the small badges on the sides of the arms.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Vivienne Westwood Wing Shoes

I'm a bit of a large idiot because I haven't yet discussed Vivienne Westwood shoes in collaboration with Melissa who make the raddest jelly shoes you will ever see in your life time. When looking through the pages of Vogue in December 2008 I loved the rings chosen to mimic Zippora Seven's style and through the two brands: Matina Amanita and Stolen Girlfriends Club I got addicted to Violent Green, a Brisbane store which sells these cool Vivienne Westwood platform wedges featuring little wings on the ankles. 

At first I thought these Wedges were dark green, like high quality jade but I think it's the lighting and they're actually black now. I haven't seen any other images of dark green Vivienne Westwood wing shoes but I bet they would look great with Geisha style make up and a kimono while roving the streets of Japan and Tokyo. The sandals are inspired by the Grecian god of Mercury who was a messenger and wore winged sandals to travel quickly and across the sky. I love mythology and have since I was a child but my love has been further kindled by reading good literature and soppy romantic poems as well. I just love Vivienne Westwood as an added bonus!

For their wild and eclectic shape and design, I must admit, the muted tone of grey when worn with tights and a shift dress in a fairly muted and mundane coloured backdrop works really well. I already own a pair of Vivienne Westwood X Mellisa ankle boots that are more like rain boots in sparkly grey but I wouldn't mind getting my hands on these great winged platform wedges.

Magenta is the colour of the season and not only am I eagerly trying to find a pair of purple Vivienne Westwood platform wedges but there's also the new collection coming in for Deadly Ponies that I can't wait to see! While I do admire the more minimalist approach for such a wild and fantastic design, magenta is a brilliant colour for colour blocking and would look great with a pair of either black or patterned tights.

I admire the wedge style of these types of shoes- I can fair so much better in platform shoes than in heels but they still have the effect of leaving more poor legs and in particular, my calves really sore! Still, no pain no gain right? I'd be more than happy to sacrifice a little pain while rocking a sweet pair of winged sandals in the name of the messenger god mercury. Red is the most bright and colourful shade I've seen of these shoes available on eBay, but who knows? Maybe in the next week I'll strike it lucky and find some more colours available to buy online and it's nice being able to afford the nice things I see online for once.

A sculptural aspect that I really admire about these shoes is that they seem to be all one singular piece of plastic with a tiny wing detail added and the gold pair really do look like they belong on a pair of feet belonging to the gods. Even when worn with some very raggedy looking tattoo and skin colour tights. One thing I don't like about the Vivienne Westwood and Melissa shoe range for Anglomania is the strong smell of plastic that they seem to radiate. It's enough to give me an hour long head ache but I'm not sure if they haven't been worn out yet enough or that they need to be aired out.

Ah, coloured tights. One of the best inventions in the world and a way to instantly add colour to an outfit.The good thing about the peep toe of these platform wedges is that it doesn't really matter if you wear tights or not because it's not overly noticeable if there is a bit of odd stitching at the end. Maybe you could even wear sheer tights with a Bjork Swan dress for added quirk too?

I've just painted my nails the perfect colour to go with these light pink Vivienne Westwood platform wedges and white socks; it's by OPI and is sort of a pink/ nude colour and I love it, can't believe I haven't tried it before. While there aren't any of the Loveberry winged shoes available on eBay at the moment you better believe I'll pounce on the opportunity to get some for myself. They look so dreamy with a vintage floral dress especially when the skirt is at knee length.

Those Hipsters are Mysterious

It's hard to really know when hipster culture became an accepted part of society because the last sort of big trend of my teenage youth was the emo phase with the bad black hair and straightened fringes- I'm so glad that hipsters are now the new trend since they're a bit more social and fashionable to put it nicely. Also, last time I checked hipsters had more admirable qualities than emos such as an appreciation for film photography even if they mainly stick to single focus lenses and disposable cameras. They also lead more of a social life to and throw some wicked sick parties, although, all my accounts are second hand because... I don't party that much.

While some people despise guys shaving part of their head and maybe accentuating the top half I think there's an admirable quality about it but they have to have the right face to pull it off. If my own boyfriend got a hipster haircut I would probably pull all the hairs out of a shag carpet because I like the way he looks now and it's natural. There's not a lot I can see about hipster haircuts for girls, other than there's dip dyeing which seems like such an old trend but it's sort of like the second coming of Nu Wave really.

I suppose another cultural difference between emos and hipsters is that hipsters are more in their late teens and even early twenties, moving out and into weird things such as interior decorating and owning tapestry pieces of furniture such as moulding armchairs and also buying carpets off of Urban Outfitters. There's nothing wrong with any of the in my opinion though, it's certainly a step up from bad facial piercings although hipsters do seem to favour nose piercings as well as tragus piercings too. Oh well, some things never change too much after all.

Spirit Hoods

Thanks to the lovely people at the Lenko Boutique in Melbourne's Cathedral Arcade, I was able to discover these furry little hooded creations which combine the best of beanies, mittens and scarves all together in unique Spirit Hoods. They've been around since 2009 and already have a small cult following of cute nerdy girls and furries alike as well as many eBay listings and home made look-a-likes riding on the back of their success. I personally love them for their imagination and unique ingenuity but during Summer there's not much of a great and desperate need for them.

There's a whole heap pf colour and fur pattern combinations and inspiration used to create Spirit Hoods, including Husky dogs, owls, tigers and bears to name a few. My best friend would absolutely adore the Spirit Hood shown above; it looks just like her dogs fur but maybe a little more puffier with more hints of tinged black at the end of the fur hairs. Even if you don't use the pockets to keep your hands warm, I bet you could hold train and bus tickets in there as well as spare change, lipstick and pens too.

My favourite of the Spirit Hoods collection? It has to be this lovely bear variation with rounded ears and dark brown fur which matches my own hair colour. I also like the contrasting red tartan pattern on the alternative side of the scarf and just visible on the inside of the ears. I used to have a teddy bear just like that when I was little so there's a little bit of nostalgia about this hood for me. Flannel is such a comfortable material so why not wear this amazing Spirit Hood with a vintage toggle coat in red tartan too? It would certainly make for a quirky outfit when worn about on the streets.

As I kid I thought tigers were the epitome of coolness and I know I would have favoured this hood over the brown bear hood but I like the rounded ears of the bear a little more- and besides, next year I'll be going to Canada and may as well try and fit in with the local fauna while being a bit on the ridiculous side. It would take someone with guts to really wear something like this with confidence, unless of course you're at a fancy dress costume party and you're trying to be on the conservative side.

Maybe it's just the contrast between realistic but faux fur and patterned material that I like; there's also this sweet wolf Spirit Hood featuring rainbow Navajo fabric on the underside and dusty brown tinted fur. You could probably wear something like this to a market; I know I have my eye on the Finders Keepers market on the 20th and lucky for me I've been saving a little money for such an occasion and this bi-annual market may even showcase some of these Spirit Hoods too! Then again, I think I've found the perfect solution to this animal lust...

Stella McCartney Lingerie

I spotted these classic looking knickers what feels like years ago on another blog and it only just popped back into my mind to share with my dear readers- on occasion I try and find a new boxed set of lingerie from Stella McCartney for myself but my hunt always ends up unsuccessful. I love the classic frilly bands and hem as well as the neatly stitched names of the days of the week as well as flower underneath and I'm sure there would be a few boys out there that would be excited by them too.

My classic policy of "I can get in in black, then I will" still stands to this very day and minute and given the choice between the two colours I opt for the darker shade. I do like the pure and clean white linen of the panties as well as the little stitched days of the week but when it's on black there's something a bit more demonic suggested. Besides, I wear a lot of black as it is so when the old pants need to be hoisted up, at least black panties meld in to the environment and are a little less apparent. Also, the stitched flowers on the black lingerie isn't as flat and seems to include more floral motifs then its white counterparts.

I would love to have the little set of drawers on my desk or vanity as well, it seems so vintage and kitsch to present underwear like that and I wouldn't mind a chic and indulgent change rather than just buying what's cheap and colourful at the shopping centre with my mother. I've seen a few variations on the design and stitching so far but I wonder what the back looks like and if there's any more flowers on the other side.

I've located only two listings on eBay and the prices don't look overly promising- for a full set of these silken bad boys you can expect to pay about one hundred dollars for the box as well as seven pairs of frilly lingerie, which works out to cost twenty dollars for each pair which includes the cost of postage as well. Maybe it's something I'll save for when ever I need to travel and keep track of all my delicates or when Adsense finally pays me for my blog space. That would be a nice treat for the money.

If I can buy a pair of these little lingerie pieces of gold with butterflies on them then that would be even better but for the moment I'll be concentrating on buying clothes I'll be allowed to wear when I go out and that other people can see and enjoy. It's an odd sensation being able to afford things I want now but having to exercise the digression not to buy them, I guess I must be becoming responsible or something.

Fierce Kate Moss

I decided to break up my Kate Moss blog posts into two parts so I could really cover the chosen photo shoot photographs well and really get a feel about her with my commentary. There's images new and old and this soft focus still is an old when of Moss in her younger days when she had naturally brown hair- some of the images she stars in are so beautiful and simplistic when she's not really advertising a product or brand. She seems a little more innocent when fully clad in clothing and without her trademark blond hair, but maybe it's a also a generational thing for advertisement and photography.

This is more like the Kate Moss people my age are most familiar with seeing- barely any clothes on and staring down the barrel of a camera with a smouldering and fierce look in her eyes. While I may never have the bravery to bare all in a photo shoots, I can appreciate the comfortable feeling of walking around the house with minimal clothing and shrouded by either a blanket or the doona cover and walking around the house with bleary eyes.

There's nothing like getting back to the basics and abandoning colour photography in favour of black and white- it always accentuates the shading of the contours of the human body as well as covers up any unusual tan lines. Although, when you live in London, I can't imagine any tans originating from there that would be so noticeable. There's a lot of beautiful but terribly obscure photographs of Moss and I can't work out what's being advertised in the shoots other than herself and her body.

I love the thick layered crucifix necklaces as well as ornate chains and the sun talisman all hanging from the shoulders and neck of Kate Moss but I'm not sure how I feel about the thick eye makeup; I personally hate seeing thick lines around eyes to accentuate then. It makes it look as if eye make up is running and also the curls over her right shoulder must belong to thick hair extensions.

One of the first images I collected of Kate Moss on my computer was her posing as pop star David Bowie complete with orange hair for Vogue Paris andit really opened my eyes to the professional side of a model and the similarity between their role and that of a model. On occasion they will be asked to portray some else or be something that lies outside their comfort zone so when they step up to that and take on such a role the results can really be fascinating and fantastic.

For someone who's aged thirty-eight and a career that spans two decades, it's rather impressive to still see Kate Moss relevant in the world of fashion today and collaborating with Topshop as well. I can only hope that I look as beautiful as well as rested as she does but knowing my stressful habits and tendencies that will never happen for me.

I love seeing mesmerising art deco and antique jewellery and this is definitely as decadent as it gets- that's the only aspect I'm in love with in terms of the model lifestyle: getting decked out in gorgeous clothing. All though it's not all glamour and grace there are tumbles on runway stages and demanding schedules but they're the most gorgeous people in the world with the best parties too, know the best labels and clothing for the seasons and have the money to back it all up too. Who in their right mind wouldn't want to join them and become one of the beautiful people?