Saturday, December 3, 2011

Zippora Seven

Zippora Seven is the model that inspired me most when I read my first Vogue magazine and I was still young and impressionable at the age of fourteen or so; the December 2009 edition with her featured article and personal style. Her facial features are very delicate and complement her blonde hair and blue eyes but her grunge and punk style suggest a mature and worldly taste. I remember her reception of a new pair of tights gifted to her and taking them to a cheese grater to create rips and ladders. She has a firm sense of self and is definitive in her sense of style as well as her femininity. The articles also hosted her with Doc Martens in floral patterns as well as a little part of her social history and exposure to the well known workmen boots. Her eclectic style shines through her choice of rings as well and Vogue featured a brand that I became all too familiar with: Matina Amanita.
I always thought that heart-shaped glasses look horrible and tacky but without the cheap plastic frames replaced with rose tinted lenses and gold wire frames they seem fit perfectly with Seven’s face. Her blonde hair looks so natural and gorgeous in this photograph combined with the background of the blue sky and scenery. Her face is slender, but not sallow and sickly looking and the blush across her cheekbones goes well with the lenses which magnify her long and mascara thickened eyelashes.

I long for more double magazine spreads of Zippora Seven- I don’t even care that she is without a shirt. Her tangled hair combined with the torn jeans and silver belt and cuff suggests a bohemian look. Seven’s sultry look and deep eyes draw you right in. It reminds me of a poem by John Keates, “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” and also the Lady of Shallot, another ballad poem. “Her foot was light, her hair was wild.”

She really does have wild, wild eyes and looks like a faery’s child.

Vivienne Westwood heels covered in hearts at the ends of her cute little feet. To be specific, they are Lady Dragon heels with hearts and I love them combined with socks at the calf length. Seven always looks so sweet with her blonde hair but she makes it bedraggled and beach-worn and combines this with staring down the barrel of a camera. She’s so photogenic and I really do not think what she wears while modelling matters because she’s so professional as well as beautiful.

I never thought it possible, but Seven manages to pull off lilac lipstick while showing off textured tights and a Stephen Sprouse Louis X Vuitton handbag. I had a small love affair and obsession with the Stephen Sprouse and the graffiti scrawling over the iconic and world-famous leather bags. I have the 6 page spread and editorial from Vogue Australia that influenced me with the bright fusion of colours and edgy styling. The model for that photoshoot was 80’s inspired and sporty as well, but I like Zippora’s styling of grunge and staring down the barrel of the camera and the fluorescent pink writing on the bag in contrast with her pale purple lipstick. The loose look of the shirt and texture of the tights add to the bright pink of the hand bag.

An edgy cat woman leather gimp mask styled with a blue cocktail dress and Victorian wallpaper. Nice. I like the cutaway peek of the dress showing the skinny and elegant legs adorned in sheer tights. Seven’s poise of a ballerina in the nutcracker suite perfects the look.

Zippora Seven wears a sheer blouse combined with fringed epaulettes and low chained and jewelled necklace bring out the colour of Seven’s eyes as well as the blues and greens of the image. The pose of her body in this photograph should be cramped but uncomfortable, but instead she looks sexy and self-assured. I like the way her long blonde hair falls over and arm in contrast with her pale complexion the peacock colour scheme of her clothes and the sand of the beach. Having your mouth ajar is an alluring look I swear by.
This New Zealand born model makes a statement with her eclectic sense of style. When interviewed by Vogue Australia in 2008, Seven described her style as “grungy, modern, rock, worn-in” and that she prefers her clothes to look individual and unique. “I’ve always loved dressing up.”

Seven’s unique style and love of military boots such as Doc Martens really comes through in the photograph pictured above- I wouldn’t be surprised if she had done the styling herself or influenced the direction and atmosphere of the photo. I like the cutaway of the dress as well as the horned skull necklace and studs around the ankles of the boots.

The gold rings on her fingers must be Seven’s own. I like the way the lacy dress falling off the shoulder and the hand-crafted felt frog hat is so subversive with her curtain of hair falling across her face and a mysterious one eye lurking and peeping out of her mane of luscious locks. I may just recreate this photograph myself and make a frog-shaped cap as well as search for a vintage and garish lacy top. My hair can achieve that ragged look by having my hair in a plait overnight and letting it dry into it. The plaits shape my hair quite well.

The cluttered bookcase has achieved the rare look of organised mess and goes well with lace cut out of the jeans, pastel coloured blouse and those lovely lilac coloured lips and just a little bit of regrowth. Zippora Seven would look lovely wearing a garbage bag though and I would still kill and/or to give anything to look like her.

“My look is very eclectic- florals clashing with stripes, quirky hats, studs, lots of junky necklaces, and I’m usually wearing a pair of Doc Martens. I have about twelve pairs. My favourite is covered in sweet floral print, similar to some I had when I was little. I like them because they don’t look too tough- the florals make them more feminine.”

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