Monday, December 26, 2011

Wonder and Mystery

I hadn't meant for this post to be so festive- the paper crown as well as the angel are completely unintentional and what I was going for was a more magic and mystery atmosphere but oh well these things do happen. Checking out some of the top end electronic stores part of a named franchise, I finally found what I was looking for- a DSLR camera with a screen I can flip around to one hundred and eighty degrees to take fantastic self-timing photographs and look as gorgeous as this lovely lady here. I'm sicking of having to constantly guess where to stand in photographs I take for my blogs so now when I come up close to two thousand dollars I'll be able to really treat myself. Of course, in order for that to happen I'd have to win the blog lottery and have a million different people fall in love with what I write and sell just about every worthless thing I can find in my house that I can possibly claim ownership towards.

It'd be a far cry for someone such as myself with little expertise using an SLR camera, new, shiny and digital to create something as artful as this. I was thinking of maybe taking a TAFE course on a Saturday or something to hone my skills and actually learn to do things properly. If I just got the motivation to find some things to shoot I'm sure I would begin to improve but I'm so much happier at home wasting away the hours on the computer and watching Doctor Who DVDs in between.

After mooning over the great spectrum and variety of colours this unique watch dial face I decided that finding the brand on Google was a load of rubbish and it was near-impossible. Instead I found some nice watches with animated characters and their arms moving around as the hands as well as a cat with moving eyes. I always wanted a daggy and kitsch cat clock for my wall with moving eyes and instead I got a handy wrist watch instead! Needless to say that I feel very pleased with myself for getting myself a little celebratory award, now all I have to do is wait for it to be repaired and get to my home with break-neck speed.

Another photograph I don't have the technology to capture or even poorly mimic- nor can I afford it either but it's always fun to admire and observe the kinds of things other people can manage to do. This was in the same photo set as the woman dressed as an angel, but I do like the blending of black and white and the way the shading across the eye makes it seem so bright and clear. I'm more used to seeing the blurry and soft focus work of the Diana F+ camera than something as sharp and clearly defined as this, but I have to say, I am very impressed with the quality. 

The last of these breath-taking photographs features a dress that looks like finely cute paper than any material I've seen- but the sass of the model as well as the pose makes it look so elegant and yet powerful. It's enough to boggle the mind when you think closely about the art form of photography and how beautiful girls must pose in such a way that seems more like a science than a aesthetic experience and expression. 

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