Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Witching Hour

Halloween has come and gone and I live in a country where we hardly celebrate the occasion but still I'm in the mood to be dressed in garbs resembling a skeleton. But while I don't own any skeletal clothing myself, I'm making up for it by burning candles and playing with the wax as it dries as well as listening to Deftones 'Knife Party'. I'm in a bit of a purgatorial mood just hanging around waiting for first round offers for university as well as waiting to get called for work and to go out and see my beau. What better way to fill in the time by wrapping Christmas presents, writing in books and writing all over the Internet?

I was examining a middle aged woman's hair on the train and I think as soon as I see hints of grey in my hair I'll dye it all the same colour and save myself some trouble... although I may have strange dark regrowth. Aging seems to be such a problematic process and so does hair as well. At times I'm proud of my long, dark brown hair and wouldn't change it for the world and the next I want to dip dye it purple and pink or dye the whole thing silver and then dye that lilac. It's a complicated time to be a teenager.
I love these modified leggings with skeleton outlines teamed up with a pair of grey creepers. Although the photo quality is quite grainy I like the strange colours from the yellow hints on the wall to the deep burgundy carpet. If there was ever an occasion for me to dress as a skeleton then I may be tempted to try this for myself and make my own pair of bone leggings and buy some creepers. Just to mix things up, maybe curl my hair with a straightening iron and then put it up? To describe my current mood as mad and kooky mood doesn't really quite cover it entirely.

One of the things I'm most excited for now that I'm at the legal age and I can drink is being able to collect pretty bottles of vodka like this once pictured above which is a glass screaming skull. I'm not at all elated with joy at the fact I can destroy my liver and lungs with substance abuse but I have a fetish for glass bottles and small little liquor bottles. I'm not in my right mind and am a poor excuse for a teenager if there ever was one.

To improve upon the DIY Halloween costume maybe I would to better to find an all black jumpsuit or onesie and then cover it in metallic silver bones. I love this photograph, the contrast of the skeleton costumes and the floral curtains and the zombie like pose of the people. It almost makes me feel sad and lonely that Australia doesn't really celebrate Halloween other than parties and dressing up.

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