Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wild and Wooly

It's a bit strange that I find my mind wandering and my body longing to follow it despite the fact that I am so content with my life at the moment- I've received an excellent score which will allow me to fulfill my dreams of attending Melbourne university and after troubles and arguments, an important relationship has been rekindled. But I want to run away? A little bit, I am very tired from working nine hours today with my break being less than an hour so maybe retreating into a wild and fantastic realm within my own imagination is called for. Heaven's knows that at this time of year wandering through long grass exacerbates my hay fever and that it gets to the point where I'm either sniffling like there's water inside my nose or I'm crying with puffy eyes like a love-lorn and heart broken slob. 

I love the light-hearted and fancy free atmosphere of this photo, wearing a long and comfortable jumper to hide in and wandering about nature sounds exciting. I always think of picturesque images like this when I think of nature but when I lay around in my back yard I forget the ants, spiders and small tiny stones are out to get me. The thing I dislike about Summer is my unease when trying to go to sleep due to the hot weather and not able to use my doona cover or wear large and comfortable jumpers. My two favourite things are taken away for months on end and it drives me crazy.

Model Gemma Ward photographed for a Vogue editorial (edition unknown); for someone who looks so glamorous and angelic it's hard to believe that Ward was able to really sell the gypsy and bohemian attitude so well. That's the appeal of being a model I guess, as well as high pay-checks and a party lifestyle they portray someone else in a photograph and play a role. It would be such a great feat to run away and collect bits and pieces from your travels, the photo shoot combines the best of the Western style and it's fashion house labels with iconic ethnic props such as the arched windows and Persian carpets as well as the traditional dress of India.   

I'm running away on holiday sooner or later, If I get my act together I'll go to Sydney for a day or two to see the Harry Potter exhibition at the Powerhouse museum. If not, there's always going to Canada in the Rockies.

The combination of leather as well as the leopard print to me seems very wild- the suggestion that the hunter proudly wears the skin of their prey draped around their shoulders. Of course that's not real leopard print but I do like the tan tone to it as well as the large 'rosette' effect and use of black in the print, it contrast to the gold and silver jewellery clutching at the bag.

The greatest compliment I have ever been payed is when two boys that I've gone to school with for four years assumed I had native American blood. They were surprised to know my true heritage was Malaysian, but all the same it was nice to be praised on having details such as a smile and cheekbone structure befitting an American Indian. A subtle tan to my skin tone may have also been misleading, my legs can get a great tan in Summer but that's about it really.

The wild and wooly look can be pulled off if you have a light wave to your hair and it looks like a rough and untamed mane of hair with a hat on top. Beanies work as well as the bowler shape and any pattern or colour will do as long as there's also a bit of black in your outfit. Once again I am living vicariously through a photograph in which a stunning girl is stomping around in a chunky but thread-bare knitted jumper with long tangled hair. Too bad none of the Australian bush ever looks as lush, green or fragrant as the background in the photograph above.

It seems so magical, but on closer inspection, the setting of the photo is quite ordinary. I was captivated by the string of fairy lights surrounded by flowers that look like they're made of soft tulle, the soft wrappings of clean, white linen as well as the curious writing along the arch of the girls back a meticulous tattoo and soft. tumbling hair. I love the balance of soft focus lighting and the blurring of shadow and intense light as well as the glowing affect of the girl. It's not often you see the subject of a photograph lighted from underneath and their features illuminated in such a way. Curling up or slumped posture is also unusual in a photograph, it mainly cramps up the body and is unflattering.

Get a look of those gorgeous wide cuffed sleeves, and the embroidered details on what appears to be black velvet. Then there's the colourful top or red and green cross-sectional circles loosely hanging and tucked into a skirt. Finally there's the suede material of the skirt, the black hanging fringes as well as the Navajo motif in black in contrast with the desert red of the skirt. The geometric and stark contrast of the shapes on the shade of red is fantastic. This outfit combines some of my favourite aspects of wild and tribal fashion, the ethnic and geometric shapes which tell a story, the embroidery and detail on garments as well as the colour and fringing affect. In the street spotted shopping the outfit would be called ridiculous but in the soft focus world of nature streaked in white streamers it seems perfect.

The girl is wearing such a monstrously over sized jumper it looks more like a dress or a tent. But still, the determined and fiery gaze right down the barrel of the lens and dark shadows over her eyes doesn't make her look like a shrunken Alice. Although the shades of red and blue are quite bright in some places of the jumper I like the striped colour blocking effect as well as the earthy tones of red, brown and blue. Those three colours are very commonly used in Native American clothing, or at least when the style has been imitated. I have my eye on a bag that's suede with fringed tassels and a little beaded string as well as a Native American symbol. One of these days I'll get the guts to buy it too, once the funds come along and I make a trip to the bank.

I know I shouldn't admire any form of decor that involves the death of an animal but deer are such delicate creatures of beauty and their antlers are more like tree branches than anything else. It's only a photograph after all, and the wild colours and stark contrast are amazing. I wish I had taken this, there's a mixture of light brown, bright orange as well as muted grey and hues of purple due to the camera flash and I love it.

This multi-coloured fur jacket as well as the front milkmaid braid on the front fringe, tangles of wild hair, long ethnic boots and the fusion of tones of brown and purple contrasts so well with the green  vegetation in the background. I'm reminded of a patchy fur vest from Topshop with bright pink red and tan and brown I had my eye on for a while but then I let it go. My heart wasn't that into it at the time but I now do regret it since it would've been fun to try and recreate a photograph with this melding of the dark human world and the energy of nature. I know of no place with such a picturesque stream and bright plants. The boots may also be difficult to collect as well.

I love the Bohemian look here from the hair colour that seems to get progressively lighter, gold embroidered stitching on a black dress, a bowler hat with a tapestry material as well as the entranced stare into the distance and bright red lipstick. Crosses with the wild and wooly look seem to go so well but with retreating into nature there is very little religion, unless you're a hermit of some kind. Still, you can't go past a little black dress combined with long wild hair, a great felt hat and a fur coat to pull of this look. Unfortunately it's not Summer and to wear a black dress when out and about in the city would be a trial that I don't need right now. I miss the Winter winds whipping my face and being able to hug myself and take refuge in layers of clothing. I cottoned on to fur coats and fake leopard print far too late in the year.

I have such a great love affair when it comes to the use of leopard print in fashion. When used on cheap slogan t-shirts or singlet tops I consider it to be garish, repugnant and an insult to the majestic animals which designed that print. It's even worse when it's imitated in a colour such as hot pink, purple can actually work but pink is the ultimate insult to leopard print. 

Occasionally I will feel the love for the pattern rekindled when I see a photograph of this aching finesse- the only thing I would include within my wardrobe is a large, faux fur leopard print coat or jacket. I saw one many, many months ago available in Myer but I was shopping with my mother and she would never approve of such a thing and it was dear at the time for my budget. The styling in this photograph is the epitome of perfection and I would gladly try to imitate it and recreate it as best I can. From the floppy woollen hat, layered over a denim shirt with a long black maxi dress and a large cross I think I could maybe pull off the actual styling but to look that fierce would be another thing.
She doesn't exactly look fierce but more like a hunter empowered by the hunt and the thrill of the kill. Radiating confidence and chic grunge style is difficult but some people make things like this look effortless.

Some of the best selling items we have in store at the moment are lanterns with fairy lights in them. Since I'm lucky enough to have a discount for the next few weeks I should consider investing in some since it will give my room a more enchanting look to them and homely, cosy and warm. A cubby made from chairs, bed sheets as well as pillows and foot stools would be lovely if I bothered to clean up enough but with so much work and my muscles stringy and tired it's not looking too likely until things wind down.

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