Saturday, December 31, 2011

Where's Waldo?

Even after a whole month of having to endure Christmas carols with a shrill Rudolph singing, seeing baubles everywhere and thinking 'bah humbug' and delaying my own personal Christmas ritual of putting up the tree till Christmas Eve, the spirit oh the holiday seems to have effected me a whole week after the climax of the season. I have this strange love for things red and white such as the Julie West Fed 5B camera issued by Red Army Camera as well as this knitted scarf from the creative mind of Yokoo Gibraan. I saw this from a Facebook link just an hour ago despite it being listed for ten days now and I do love the name, bright red and white and cute links of the scarf. It's been named as the Peppermint link scarf, how cute.

It just reminds me of my love for "Where's Waldo" books, horizontal red and white strips as well as knitted hats and ugly sweaters. Even teamed up with a simple dress in a plain black it would look very charming and cute, the only thing that surprised me about the scarf is the very bright red and white yarn used in its design.

I think the scarf looks best when it's long and dangling rather than tight and doubled up around the neck, it just looks a bit much when clustered together in a knitted heap rather than letting the links come full circle. I admire Yokoo for starting not one, but two online Etsy stores as well as combining the best of making paper chains with knitting- something which she has transformed into an artform. With the money I'm saving in my piggy bank for future buys I hope to get a scarf from her sometime soon since I had had my eye on them for a while. Perhaps when the height of Summer passes and I can let my hair down again.

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