Friday, December 23, 2011

Vintage touches to hair

When I went in to work yesterday and had to prepare my hair which was a light mess I managed to neaten it up by pulling the hair from the top of my hair and the strands which would make up a fringe if they were shorter, braiding that and putting at the top a scrunchie in a gingham print. I felt a lot better for it and not I'm lusting after some of these touches others before me have added to their hair and the first is a barrette or large statement clip. I love the lock of the $1 notes American currency shaped into a bow against the honey brown tone of her hair. Barrettes are easy to clip in to place and the bow is simple enough to make but I'm not too sure how I would feel using another country's currency simply as a decoration in my hair! If I ever did find a patterned fabric of that material and stiffened it by using felt as a backing support than maybe I would be daring enough to try. The bows I've made at home so far are too large to wear without it looking ridiculous and over the top, I should really work on making some cute practical ones.

The contrast of brightly coloured red dyed hair and the vintage fabric hair scarf look so great together, the way the red mixes with tones of gold and the intricate pattern of the scarf add so much colour and life to what would otherwise be a boring photograph. I have a few bandannas myself that I sometimes wear on occasion in my hair, mainly with the tied knot at the front giving off a Mexican maid look rather than anything scary and intimidating. I would deal with people joking and saying things like 'housekeeping' to me rather than anything to do with shady goings on and dealings. The sweet vintage print on this scarf as well as the way it's worn with coloured hair is so vibrant and the two complement each other perfectly. It's a match made in heaven.

My last final touch of vintage pieces to hair is the use of a scrunchie that's brightly coloured with some fantastic pattern which looks particularly striking if it's keeping a bun neat and tidy. I can never really master making my hair look so neatly kept and tidy though and it hates to be tamed and kept in a bun without the intervention of a clip or large comb. It'd be nice to master the technique used in this photograph, of twisting the hair and tucking the ends into the centre of the bun but I'm not sure if the length of my hair has now become a hindrance and the weight is too much of a problem when holding it up. Still, a girl can dream can't she?

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