Sunday, December 18, 2011

Vintage gold from American Apparel

Although American Apparel do sell vintage deadstock pieces for a pretty penny there's no wear and tear on their items and when I explored their website a few days ago I felt I had uncovered lost treasure when I spied their plethora of gold deadstock pieces. Scrolling past a treasure trove of gold hoops, earrings, bracelets and necklaces of all shapes and sizes I found the cutest golden charm bracelet charms- the thing that caught my eye most was the first charm I spotted which was a stegosaurus. It seemed to unusual and rare and I felt my fancy tickled and intrigued by the charm as well as the face of the sun. The shapes and designs of each of the charms are minimalist but sweet and endearing as well as artistic. It makes me fall in love with charm bracelets all over again, as I do once a year when I see some gorgeous set of charms.

It was a little curious to see two different styles of unicorn as well as seahorse charms- not often you see those two species as charms at all let alone having the choice of two designs. I'm thinking of getting a few of these charms when my next pay comes in as well as a few pairs of frilly socks from American Apparel in assorted colours. It's hard to know whether there should be a theme if I were to start a gold charm bracelet such as the sea using turtles and seahorses or just having animals. But I also really like the sun and bicycle charms picture above in the first photograph.

The icing on the cake was to sea the ice cream charm in cold, a stylised soft serve swirl as well as the neat checking effect on the cone. It was next to a gorgeous looking camera and since photography has been a small hobby of mine that also scored brownie points in my books. This may be my favourite assortment of charms in these two lines since there's a nautical theme with the anchor and sail boat but I also like the elephant. I did half of my Indonesian oral examination about elephants and I got an A- it'd be nice to have a little piece of my lucky elephant hanging around my wrist as a memory of my success.

The range of bracelets suited to having charms off of isn't so stellar but the range of charms American Apparel are selling as vintage deadstock pieces are quirky and cool. The biggest wall between me and getting a charm bracelet is my motivation to find a good quality charm bracelet and when seeing an assortment this grand is saving money up to buy all the charms in one fell swoop. Money may not be a problem for long, and if I manage to hoodwink the system I may be able to get my order cheaper than intended as well! Gorgeous vintage gold, here I come.

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