Monday, December 19, 2011

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb

Christmas is the time where perfume sales are through the roof being gifted to loved ones as presents, and the top of my Christmas list this season is Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb. I did some promotional work for Chanel last year spraying perfume and selling the prestigious brand but as a young woman I'm more drawn to the sweet smell of aromatic flowers and fruit. Even before that and for a year or two I was fascinated by the body of the perfume bottle which is more like an emerald cut gemstone rather than a bottle and the wax seal carrying the Viktor & Rolf logo was also cute and eye-catching. It reminds me of Harry Potter when Harry first received word of his magical heritage so for me wax seals are seemingly life-changing and bear good news. 

As well as being the geniuses behind the flowerbomb fragrances, Viktor & Rolf is an Amsterdam based fashion house founded in 1993 (my year of birth) and their first fragrance, flowerbomb was launched in 2005 in collaboration with L’Oreal. There's been a few variations on the bottle and presentation of the perfume, ranging from various shades of pink and black for their Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette variation on each of the fragrances. In an old edition of Vogue I spotted a rare variation that had a black and speckled body, the flowerbomb fragrance was limited edition and I've seen neither hair nor hide of it anywhere! I love the continuous change to the look of the bottle but it'd be nice to know exactly what is out there for this floral and feminine fragrance.

Their campaign photograph was what also caught my eye, the ribboning effect to save grace for the model was well as the material wrapping her head like a tornado and flaring outwards beautifully captures and emulates the feminine nature of a flower. It was so minimalist but also breath-taking. There are some fantastic campaigns for perfume but in terms of one that has no clothing and just a plain white background, Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf takes the cake. It's a shame that I can't really write about the fragrance too much without owning it myself... I had a card somewhere from my last trip to Myer in Melbourne spritzed in the fragrance which smelt sweet in all of it's three tones. Hard to say what flowers were actually used in the production of the liquid perfume though.

This tulle wrapped edition of Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf matches the outfit worn by Allison Goldfrapp for the launch of the fragrance- you've got to love those strong ruffles over a tight fitting black dress which frames her golden curls. I love the sort of pink champagne colour as well as the inscribed shield on the front of this edition of the fragrance. It's so hard to know what strength what bottle is, what with all the different editions and it's also hard to know whether someone's just added an extra little something to re-launch an already existing fragrance.

The inner princess within my that I continually starve and suppress deep down within the pit of my stomach adores this sparkly body of Flowerbomb as well as the thick black ribbon rosette next to the atomizer of the bottle. One of my favourite things about fragrance as well as liquor are the different packagings of small glass bottles that they come in left to collect once the remnants of the bottle is gone. Snuff bottles have a similar effect but at least this way I can smell alluring for my boyfriend when doused in perfume and it's not often you see a pink snuff bottle covered in a pink and sparkly sheen. I can only imagine that the smell of the fragrance is equally as feminine and as sweet smell as this exterior packaging.

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