Friday, December 2, 2011


Unicorns- majestic horses with horns that can be used to have sword fights and stab your enemies while looking pretty and girly. I have no idea what I’m turning into as of late, I bought some plastic rosary necklaces in lilac and pink and I also bought a purple Care Bear backpack. After all my serious study and preparation for exams I must be reverting back to things I was too proud and cool for to accept as a younger kid.
I still have a fat-ass unicorn poster on my wall to this day so there is some fascination with them. Horses being such delicate creatures themselves- and just a little bit impossible adorned with a horn on top of their strong bodies. Their skinny legs supporting such strong willed minds and athletic bodies as well as trailing manes and tails. I never had a real cliché stage in my childhood where I desperately wanted a pony but I do want my hands on lots of unicorn jewellery strangely enough. 

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