Friday, December 2, 2011

Think Pink

I love embroidery stitching and have a fondness for it since I took textiles as well as fabric decoration design in Year 9, so I really would love to be able to find the Barbie stitching kit and vandalise it in a similar manner to what’s pictured above. The best thing about this being how thick and even the stitching on the word Barbie is as well as the shade of pink used. The black thin and pessimistic stitching of ‘is a bitch’ is sort of the icing on the cake in that respect.

Alexa Chung- showing us all how it’s done, flaunting the pink framed sunglasses as well as the dress. I love the dress though and the delicate sleeves which have a baroque inspired vibe, which may also just look like bows on the side. The lens being pitch dark matches her leather studded clutch as well which is also mixing well with the black and pink stitching of the Barbie is a Bitch image. The camera used must just be of such a high calibre since the focus on the foreground is so strong in comparison to the soft focus and muted tones of gray in the background. 

The mixture of Prada striped heels in orange on the far left as well, the bright coloured suede of the platform heels (brand unknown); clean, crisp white blouse and vintage school girl brief classes create an amazing atmosphere. I like the notion of Japanese school girls meets runway class. I must be reminiscent of my school girl days and wearing white socks the exact same length as those pictured above. There is also the cute little satchels they tote in hand- I myself have yet to get my hands on a vintage briefcase or something similar to bring to work. Then again, I did buy myself a 2003 Care Bear backpack in lilac just about a week or two ago. Although that backpack really does carry shit-all, because there’s too much stuffing in it to make it more teddy bear, the straps are much too short for my shoulder width and I do need to increase their length. I may just revert back to my schoolgirls stages and have a few brilliant colours of skirts, blouses, matching or similarly coloured shoes and white socks halfway up the lengths of my calves.

Some of the photographs that people take are just such pieces of artwork. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, somewhere deep buried down in the bottom dank part of my heart is the desire to wear what appears to be the love child of ballet flats as well as the Perspex platforms worn by Lady Gaga. As well as the floating and soft draped cotton candy dress trailing after me as a walk down the runway... I really would like to be a pretty princess but sometimes I’m just too much of a alternative amateur punk.

There is a subversive combination of the melted ice cream, smoky eye shadow and daisy tiara. I wish that I had the original magazine extract from which this photograph came. I think that if I were to recreate such a photograph as this, it would be best on a Lomographycamera to get a soft focus in contrast to an SLR.

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