Sunday, December 25, 2011

The American Dream

These photos don't belong to me, nor am I in them but their relevance to me is that at this time last year after all the hype and excitement from Christmas had died down I was getting ready for my twenty day trip to America. I'd like to return and go back, but for now I'll settle for reminiscing and looking at someone else's experience of their trip to America as well as pouring my eyes over lovely vintage inspired Disney watches that feature lovable characters with animated arms that move around the watch face to tell the time. Spending a single day at Disneyland really isn't enough, and I would love to search around and snap up what I can using my arsenal of film cameras to capture the action again. Maybe getting a three day pass would be best for such an expedition but I should make the most of my home city and try to do tourist things hear instead.

I barely took any photographs beside classic Disney characters because the lines were very long and full of children a lot younger than me but I do regret it a lot! I have a lovely shot of a Chip 'N Dale chipmunk at the main area at which all the costumed characters gathered but it was a small trophy from what I got to experience there and the joy I felt to walk through those hallowed gates and explore the polished and all plastic and child safe world of Disneyland California. At the moment I'm trying to persuade my mother to go to Hong Kong's Disneyland with me after we save to go to Canada to meet my mum's best friend. If I nag her enough and do well in school and university than I should have her eating out of the palm of my hand at any moment...

I went to Disneyland without getting a hug from Mickey Mouse... despite having quite a few Disney pieces of memorabilia from my childhood such as a professional photograph of my brother and I aged eight and four wearing shirts and holding a Mickey Mouse toy. Also I have plans to buy some Disney looking clothes from the online store of Lazy Oaf, that is a bodycon skirt featuring the iconic red and two oval buttons as well as a baseball shirt with what looks to be the mouse and the word 'Mick' on it. I have such a great love for the characters and was even going to get a Minnie Mouse watch with animated hands but chose instead to get a cat watch with moving eyes. Still- my great love of the characters has been a part of my youth and I didn't get a photo with Minnie or Mickey? Shame, shame shame...

Running around loose on Disneyland did mean we spent a ride on the teacups at night with all the overhead lanterns lit up above us, right after we got our official Disneyland caps! I got mine stitched with my name on the back and a classic design as well as a Chip N' Dale merchandise cap because it looked very soft and cool and has come in useful since at costumed themed school free dress days and a party. I do feel proud of the sights we saw and the rides we went on and enjoyed but we barely scratched the surface, I mean, my tour group didn't even get to go down to Disneyland California Adventure and see some of the more recent movie characters and stuff like that which was pretty annoying. Guess that gives me a reason to return then.

Despite missing out on buying all the hats I desired at Disneyland, Lazy Oaf an English brand have made a few cool, couple of spoof items off the iconic movie masters which I can buy without looking like a complete dork. They had a hat that looked like goody with hanging ears on the sides, but I think that one has been discontinued but there's badges as well as other goodies just waiting around with my name on them. Once my money comes in for working as a Christmas casual then I can really let loose but a few hundred dollars will have to get over into my account to save for overseas trips and be good.

Another thing left undone on my visit to America was checking out baseball games and walking through New York city but I was very happy to pick up a mock baseball jersey with the words 'Alcatraz Hardball' on the back. I should really check out some of games of America's favourite past time but I think that is another trip for another day and I will definitely need to get my head out of the clouds and back on to working when I can... if not there's always blogging and trying to earn a little bread from that as well but at the moment it's not looking too likely.

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