Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tell me About it Stud

One of the easiest ways to update a piece of clothing or an accessory is with the careful application of studs to  evoke a grunge mood- for example have a look at these black heels with various studs in conical shapes along the backs of the shoes. It's something I've wanted to try for a while and with my staff discount at Cotton On I could buy a men's leather jacket with hood at 50% off and update it to fit my own personal style and add some studs to it; there's a whole range in all shapes, sizes and colours on eBay but I wouldn't really know where to begin if I were to add my own studs. I really like the use of the studs on the backs of these heels and the way they've been applied but would I be willing to risk wasting $50 for a jacket if I mess it up? Better to have a few test runs on some similar materials and fabrics before I go for the big finish and add studs of my own to a piece of clothing that's already been finished and sewn up.

The use of studs in the fashion world is not just limited to shoes, they can also be used in soft jersey jumpers as shown in the second photograph above. One of my favourite jumpers is an Ashish for Topshop jersey jumper with assorted studs on the epaulets as decoration, I've received mixed receptions on it but most of the time my friends and colleagues walk up to me while tapping and prodding along my shoulders to test out their durability. It's a big hit when I wear it out to some of the rougher suburbs- it's the kind of cosy jumper I wear when I don't feel like talking to people much and I just want to ward other people off.

This! This is the kind of jacket I would love to be able to DIY for myself- this very photograph was the cover of Oyster magazine some many months and editions ago. I felt captivated by the way the fringe falls across her face, her skin tone and complexion as well as all those thick and glorious gold studs. The use of thick and statement rings too is another impressive factor... all I have to do is master the way of the home done stud and find a nice thick leather jacket with lapels to add studs to. Wearing it with a shirt with a Mustang I received for Christmas from my father would be the perfect simple way to style it as well as wearing some cut-off vintage denim shorts.

Too bad there's not a lot in the way of denim shirts of jackets available at Cotton On at the moment... I'd love to try my hand at the simple plastic studs on the shoulders and maybe adding a back panel with a simple silhouette design in black fabric paint. Of course having black and blue hair pulled up in a bun would be the perfect way to pull it off but I'm not willing to make that sort of commitment at this point... I'll just try to get the motivation to clean my room, sell unwanted clothes and finally start some DIY projects in terms of fashion. I think I should make those three points my New Year's Resolution.

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