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Tavi Gevinson: Fashion Blogger

She didn't necessarily inspire me and make me want to become a fashion blogger in the same way she did, but I certainly admire her for her strong ethics, principles, willingness to stick-out what she was doing (despite unfair appraisal from assumptive paparazzi) and her style. Tavi Gevinson is possibly one of the most famous fashion bloggers in the world and she hails from America. She began blogging at the age of eleven and has achieved so much; it's not everyday a young woman asks her parents for their permission for her to appear in a New York Times magazine story. She's come a long way from her early days and she gets sent a whole assortment of goods from prestigious brands, Prada just to name one. I think she's really shown the world the style and quirk you can dress with if you are crafty enough and search amidst second hand shops and take inspiration from The Virgin Suicides.

It's kind of fun seeing her earlier work, the knitted chain scarf from Yokoo as well as her blond hair cut short. In my eyes she's always had a very angelic face but there's been a sort of fire in her eyes making an appearance now and then. She always manages to fit perfectly into a shot and I like how they're not all from the same place or angle. I've been trying to master it as well and sometimes being the model in your own shot using nothing but a time delay can be both infuriating as well as tiring. It's a wonder how she managed to find time for it, but she still is young. Maybe the work load of school hadn't been too daunting at that stage of her life.

Her she is pictured in the front row of a runway show in New York with blueish grey hair, striking red lipstick and that fantastic scarf again. She's changed a lot from the last photograph in which she wore the chain scarf, more mature. There's still such quirk and eclecticism there though, first of all those lovely red moccasins with the outline of feet on them, the tartan patterns of her tights as well as a houndstooth skirt hidden under a massive coat. I love the use of the colour red throughout her outfit though, the way it's present from head to toe from lipstick, scarf, book's clutched in her pale hands and shoes. There's no one else like her in the world really.

She got to have a play with Miu Miu silk pumps with the iconic cat print on them in ankle socks and the most brilliant vintage skirt covered in precious little bows. I like the colours of the globe pictured on the left of the photograph; it's unusual that the sea would be depicted black though. I tried to recreate a photograph of this flair myself but it didn't end up too well since the shoes were too small for my feet and I'm still getting used to the art of fitting within the frame of a camera set on time delay.

The shoes may look to big for her feet but they go well with her ensemble. This is perhaps one of my favourite whole outfits and I like it for it's mysticism, the continuation of colour and the spiderweb mood it evokes. The tights match the long sleeve shirt under it but at the centre of it's outfit is the famed Prada Lips skirt from their 2004 runway collection. I'm so jealous, Prada took the time to read her blog and then sent her their skirt from their archives to wear. I'm lucky enough to get the small amount of attention for my work and writing her, but I;m grateful for every bit of it. I would never have the Guernsey and grit to be able to imagine something as spectacular as this though. You don't get to be named "Vogueista" by Vogue Italia for doing nothing after all. That's something I think I'll try to shoot for in my fashion commentating as well as photo collaboration.

I loved Tavi's short blue and grey hair phase- this is just another example of how well she took to the two shades and styled herself accordingly. I have absolutely no idea as to the identity of what is on her head but it does well with her blouse. She's sporting a pair of floral Doc Martens, I think that pair is probably one of the rarest variations but also very popular among people within the fashion industry, models and bloggers alike. She's worn those spindly pantyhose leggings a few times and I quite like them. It makes me think of spider webs, without the stickiness as well as the gangling and hairy beast that created it. Tavi Gevinson looks so confident and happy striding down this rainy sidewalk. The big coat certainly looks like it would keep you warm and cheery in such cold conditions, sort of like a big picnic blanket.

I wish I had a pair of desert boots with drawings on them as well. I like the pair on the right, their so ghoulish and morose. They'd be perfect to wear on Halloween, but I think if I had my hands on a pair I'd wear them whenever I feel like it and maybe just for the heck of it when I'm feeling lazy and can't be bothered. It's not often you see a pair of skeletal toes on the outside of a shoe so if I had a pair I'd be sure to try and get my money's worth.

This is a more recent photograph, although now her hair is much longer and a little wilder but at least the colour is right. I like the coordination between the Miu MiuTavi is that she wasn't destined to become a cheerleader or anything. Instead of just being a pretty face she became interesting and unique- popular for her work and styling. I'm envious of all the events she gets invited to but really no one is as deserving as she is.

I loved everything included in this outfit, if I recall correctly, her hair had just been recently dyed once again. She's wearing vintage Nike shoes she found herself (really cool ones too), Proenza Schouler pants and a rough cut shirt with the initials of Karl Lagerfeld on it. I like the cut jersey shirt she's wearing and I've always wanted to try it for myself but I never had time for it. Maybe I should go search around second  hand shops to look for shirts to desecrate. One thing that certainly can't be done DIY or found in a second hand shop are those amazing jeans. Would you just look at the mixture of colours and the swirling patterns? I'm magnetically drawn to unique jeans, Ksubi is also an excellent brand for that sort of stuff.

She looks so proud of herself here; and so she should be, she's put together another jaw-dropping quirky outfit. In my eyes, eyes that value eclecticism, the strange, the weird and wonderful this is simply flawless. First of all is the large pink bow sitting atop her head; some fashion critiques criticised her for blocking the view of others when she attended a runway show while wearing it but to them I say: tough buttons. There's so much going on with this outfit, tulle over the top of a Prada Lipstick skirt from 2004, floral tights as well as modest looking vintage brogues. The floral background and props emphasise the feminine touch and motifs of her outfit- the only thing out of place with such a sweet setting and centre piece if her dyed grey hair. We all do crazy things when we're young...
Around her neck is a voodoo charm from New Orleans itself and I can cerainly see that Tavi took that on board when posing in front of the camera- how fierce are her eyes in this photograph? I like the floral wreath and matching top and the teased out hair falling around her face in a messy bob it sort of makes her look like a sweet girl, possessed by something frightening. I wonder if what behind her is part of her garden, it certainly adds a lot of character to the atmosphere of the photograph and those tangled locks of hair framing her face.

More on loan to the famous fashion blogger from Miu Miu's famous and iconic 2010 collection. I'm so jealous that she got to wear a swallow collar, it's styled really well with that deep red jumper and the long knitted socks. On anyone else it would seem absurd but Tavi's really grown into her own style and seems so comfortable just being herself. For most people her age they're still trying to figure out who they really are so it is inspiring to see a young women who believes in herself as much as Tavi does.

Not only does she do her own writing for The Style Rookie (fashion blog) but she also does a feminist piece for her newer blog Rookie. On top of that she has people write about her and is interviewed by them. Her is a magazine extract in which the famous teenage blogging prodigy sits in the Rodarte for Target leopard dress. I bought the same one on eBay but it got lost in the mail and the seller refused to acknowledge it. That broke my heart. I consider one way to mend it would be to clean my room, if it was to make way for a magazine interview. I remember Tavi grumbling about tidying her messy room but what better reward then to appear in a magazine? Tavi Gevinson has also appeared in such magazines as the front covers of Pop magazine and L'Officiel's 90th anniversary issue, in the pages of Teen Vogue, French Vogue as well as Vogue Italia. Now that would be impressive to add to your resume!

Sometimes there seems to be little coordination of an outfit and then something like this comes along.
 She seems like a cute chameleon, her hair matches the colour of her skirt and the headpiece as well as colours of her shirt match the just-visible tint of colour in her glasses. I like the contrast of the bright green wall, just adding in a little extra colour for good measure.

It's not fair for one person to have worn so much Prada within their life time! I felt so mesmerised when I first saw this outfit, the sparkle of the silver sequins as well as the blueish-green tinge made almost made the half removed nail polish on her fingers escape my eye. That, and the fact that she had both the nude woman Miu Miu collar as well as those strongly sculptured shoulders of her blouse starring the silk black cats. I can never get my camera to focus as well as this when I take self-timer photographs. Everything else in the background seems to have just melted away.

Improving on an earlier outfit, Tavi holds her head high as she poses for the camera wearing what looks to be a home crafted head piece sitting atop her mass of grey hair, scarf knitted by Yokoo as well as a Japanese looking evening jacket. It's amazing how one little idea started off in someones bedroom can be realised at a big publicised event huh? It sort of goes to show that thing's aren't as impossible as you first may think and that you really can achieve anything through persistence.

Tavi in one of the most recent photographs I've collected of her; her hair grown out to a longer and wilder length and Egyptian inspired eyeliner. Although there is a distinct floral motif going on here I can't help but think of planets and space myself. When I first saw this I mistook the dark blue background as a representation of the cosmos and the bright flower at the centre of her blouse as the sun... at the time it had made perfect sense to me but I also wasn't using my eyes as carefully as I sometimes should. Thankfully I take a lot more time and preparation when I do my reading.

Paying respect and bowing her head to the models that inspire Tavi to create her lovely and wild outfits perhaps? She is wearing a wig by the way, when she dyed her hair blue it was never that bright and it was a lot shorter at the time. Although she looks so strange compared to the beings of perfection in the background Tavi really does belong within the realm and world of fashion. She does what I believe designers should always try to do, be wild and inventive and breathe life into new ideas. As she grows older and matures, I can't wait to see the full potential she reaches as an adult, but at the same time I will be saddened to no longer see the earlier work from her youth. Oh well, that's what archives and the month selection for blogs for isn't it? She'll always be there in a way, the younger Tavi who described herself on her Blog, Style Rookie as a "tiny 13 year old dork that sits inside all day wearing awkward jackets and pretty hats". It gives my hope for my own future, which I hope will be bright as well.

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