Monday, December 12, 2011

Taë Schmeisser

My last panic attack (and I mean an actual physical panic attack in which I was curled in the foetal position) came from my mother deciding it was a good time to yell at my for not taking the bins to the curb during a the first night of a three day period in which I had an exam each day. Well maybe I would have had better luck remembering to do my task if I had a cute little reminder around my neck, such as the the necklaces from Taë Schmeisser for Edition X? I like the black wheelie bin with fluorescent green on the inside- that's exactly how my bin smell like... that is if smelly things could be represented with colour. 

You could even store little messages for yourself inside the wheelie bin- like a post modern and sort of depressing locket... I really wouldn't read too much into that for meaning or something. You'll only make yourself feel sad.

Take out the trash with Taë Schmeisser's brilliant little 'Trash and Treasure' wheelie bin lockets. Made in sterling silver, they are hand finished with a splash of fluro paint. Hinged lid, rotating wheels, colour: green. 

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