Monday, December 5, 2011

Sweet Treat

Maybe candles aren’t edible themselves but when I see them dripped and moulded to fit the fingers above, I’m reminded of the sweet smell of smoke mixed with cheesecake from the ghosts’ of birthdays past. I’ve always wanted very lovely and dribbly candles, but whenever I light them for Christmas they end up a sordid mess and the aromatic candle I received for my birthday barely has a flame when it’s lit. The aromatic candle smells lovely even without being burnt. The best thing about small little candles is that they are associated with lovely cakes but look almost like wet and drippy ice cream.

Whenever I suffer from bitter thoughts and can’t help but feel negative- instead I look at something sweet to feed my inner-child and imagine all the lovely tastes and textures melting in my mouth. This happy little collection of ice creams and cakes is candy for the eyes as well as hungry tummies. I would be in the mood for such sweet treats were it not for snacking constantly on chips while on holidays with my friends on Schoolies as well as watching Friends and movies.

My mouth is watering at all the sweet and sugary goodness combined with the soft-focus photography and the backgrounds. There’s a range of beaches, tourist hot-spots and specialty ice cream shops that make my long for warmer weather as well as visiting vacation places. Ice creams also have that popular culture association of young teenagers immersed in puppy love walking along the boardwalk with a Ferris wheel in the distance. I love that atmosphere can be enhanced by the music, but in this case food and memories created by a certain smell and a feeling of sand between your toes.

Melted ice-cream like those pictured above and softened waffle cones are delicious; but I can never be bothered paying additional costs to get a waffle cone. I love the rich flavour of the ice cream I ate the other day, I bought Oreo ice-cream infused with a rich vanilla. It was sweet and a little filling as well for an ice-cream with only one scoop. I don’t enjoy a single flavour of ice cream usually unless there’s an interesting texture of the ice cream like biscuits in small pieces.

The sweet and sugared heart on the ice cream which looks soft and melted reminds me of the unromantic Valentine’s days I spent at school day dreaming out the window. I associate ice cream and the sweet flavour with such romantic pleasures. Most of those romantic pleasures are things I have not yet enjoyed myself.

Sculpted ice cream: I’m surprised there’s no one else in the photograph posing coyly and licking the melting iced desert- or lying on the grass beneath the largest ice cream dripping with a hopeful mouth open to capture the falling ice cream. The shape of the cones seems very old like a 1940’s design.

I wonder what it would be like to be the dynamic power couple Sandy and Danny Zuko charing a milkshake together behind a menu. I’ve never really had the desire to recreate such a corny cliché myself but the milkshakes pictured below look so delicious, I may be enticed by the presentation of the food. It would be lovely if I had my boyfriend with me- although he hates photographs of himself.

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