Monday, December 12, 2011

Sweet Dreams

I'm trying to brainwash myself with sweet things at the moment to cover up how upset I feel as of late- birthday cakes covered in thick pink icing, long floating pleated skirts and floral shoes should hopefully do the trick. I had a chance to buy these beautiful Forever 21 silk pumps on eBay a while ago... but alas I was broke. They were the right size and everything too! It makes me sad to think that I too could have taken black and white photographs while wearing the platforms imitating Miu Miu in frilly socks. This is why I should never let myself be without too much money these days. It only ends up breaking my heart in the end.

It looks more like a paper mache masterpiece rather than a cake, but maybe that's the pink body of the castle... served with a knife and candles on a thick board the photograph above must therefore represent a cake replica of the Disneyland castle. I loved visiting it early this year, it was such a promising time of my life and everything was alright. These holidays I may just make a paper mache replica of it since I loved it there so much. If I were to win a million dollars or some other ridiculous quantity of money I would try to buy the pink Disneyland castle and live there with forty-two cats.

Pink tulle dress, t-bars with straps around the ankles and a broad and flat brimmed hat. The background of the photo shoot sort of brings out the sweet fairy floss colour of the pink; the hat and dress combination reminds me a little bit of flamenco dancers gone wrong at the age of eight. It's an amazing photograph though- at the bottom is a little information which reads that at the close of the Chanel show, Lagerfeld sent out a procession of candy coloured "bridesmaids" all swathed in yards and yards of pastel tulle and satin.

A long, floating skirt in my favourite shade of purple- like in between a lilac colour and violet. Just look at that gorgeous material and movement, it's so light weight. The skirt is paired perfectly with a pair of Jeffrey Campbell ankle boots and a cosy winter knit. The motion of the skirt looks so amazing, it's truly beauty in motion. It's not often you see skirts of that length that move with that sort of elegance and there's such a varied range of shades of purple created from the rippling texture. I certainly know that none of my skirts move around like that for me on a windy day!

I don't know where this beast comes from, but I love the embroidery of the skull and the sweet satin tone of the white material. It completely transforms what is traditionally a gruesome and motif of rot and decay to something like in a fairy tale or some form of polished voodoo magic. I love that it's the centre of the dress and that the sheer material is modest enough to save grace for the wearer. It's sweet, clean and pure white. It reminds me a lot of doilies and pillow case covers.

I may be tempted to treat myself for Christmas and get a vintage watch of Alice in Wonderland. I've spotted a seller who sells some amazing vintage watches... exactly the sort I've been looking for since I spotted one on a friend at my eighteenth birthday lunch. I won't be sharing all the gory details until I get all the watches I want- I can't risk creating competition for myself on the online market. Not at this stage anyway.

It looks so sweat and endearing on a gorgeous runway model, but when an old middle aged women who's going gray and is in the midst of a mid-life crisis dyeing your white hair pink is not so cute. I love the bouffant style of the hair though as well as the soft curls and piggy tails on the sides where the ends of the hair seems to be the most vibrant and dark pink. The freckles are done with make-up but it adds to the look and I love the sassy eye liner, it's a nice touch to give the model something to work with in terms of attitude in among all that pink. I'd love to look like this myself, but dyed hair can require so much maintenance, especially if you have naturally dark brown hair. Regrowth can be so hard to tame and manage especially when strapped for time.

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