Sunday, December 11, 2011

Stolen Girlfriends Club X Jeffrey Campbell

I had seen this image some weeks ago on the micro-blogging site Tumblr and held onto the photograph for a while, hoping one day to identify the brand of clothing and shoes. Those pieces of information came clear to me late last night when scrolling through my dashboard for blogspot when I spotted a post by Brisbane store Violent Green.

Now Violent Green first came to my attention in December 2008 when I did a Google search for Stolen Girlfriends Club, whose jewellery range had appeared in the Australian edition of Vogue of that month.
Ever since I stumbled across Violent Green's blogspot my life changed; the event affected my style and made it more alternative, less mainstream and a little bit darker and it was that site that inspired me to begin my own blog.

It seems only fitting that I learn the mysterious identity of the shoes I had a mild obsession with for about a week's length; and it's a collaboration of two of my favourite brands.
Stolen Girlfriends Club are of New Zealand origins and they create clothing as well as thick silver jewellery, whereas Jeffrey Campbell hail from the heart of Los Angeles and have been in the footwear trade for about a decade. The collaboration of the two brands has produced the magnificent Emma ankle boot.

What I liked about the photograph in which the model wore the shoes was the dreamy palette of colours of the shirt and the suede detail of the denim shorts. It was those two pieces that then drew my attention to the pattern detail of the shoes, a shape I should have easily recognised as a Jeffrey Campbell trademark and the beautiful two tones of tan leather. For a boot of this design and Western cowboy flavour the colours of the leather and the wooden heel were very important to fully deliver the design of the shoes and I love the colours used for the Emma ankle boot and as demonstrated they can be worn with a cute pair of denim shorts and a shirt. They add height and magnitude but they seem fancy and cute at the same time.

It feels good to have finally uncovered the mystery of the nameless Tumblr photograph, and I'm delighted with the outcome of the collaboration between Stolen Girlfriends Club and Jeffrey Campbell. The golden zippers and the delicious tones of leather make it on the top of my Christmas wish list to Santa this silly season, as long as I keep wearing my high-heeled wedges and get used to walking with height- I may just become crazy enough to get a pair of these beautiful ankle boots and call them my cowboy boots. With leather of that colour, wooden heels and sculpted so perfectly in the Jeffrey Campbell's design, who could resist? Certainly not me.


  1. Those boots are AMAZING!!
    JC and Stolen Girlfriends Club is a match made in heaven!