Sunday, December 18, 2011

Spin Dizzy Fall

Emma of Spin Dizzy Fall is a credit to all fashion bloggers and proudly waves the flag for those wishing to turn blogging into some sort of career. She's been involved with some General Pants Co. campaigns and activities as well as Market HQ, has done a shoot for 'Mode Edition' bottle for ABSOLUT Vodka and has also attended events for Coach and finally RAFW Rosemount Australian Fashion week. She's big news and manages to juggle her blogging with university studies.

She's based in Sydney and mixes some of the best vintage pieces with modern style- even getting free pieces to plug on her website. It really just affirms to me that the biggest names in fashion blogging aren't the ones who merely report about brands or other people's photographs (like me); they're the ones who set the trends and create their own photographs. If I ever manage to sort out my tripod and camera skills as well as find motivation to wear make up I may just follow in their footsteps to present my own sense of style on my blog.

She's gotten to the point where she meets with other fashion bloggers to chat as well as photograph them and in turn, is photographed herself. It's a good system and I like it, wish I could become a part of it myself. I can only hope that I too can get to the point where I can also collaborate with other fashion bloggers. I recently got contacted Helena Bogucki by one of the designers I featured on Secret Hipster and she thanked me for my article and posted a link on her Facebook. I felt very chuffed over it.


  1. I find your blogging and writing generally to be fantastic, its not surprising you get compliments on it! :)

    I think you would get a 100 followers if you posted just for a week on others sites... :D

  2. I try a little with Tumblr, mainly sharing the photographs.

    Thanks so much for your kind words and support, it makes me pursue writing :)