Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Space Head

Around my house there's a mass of books on the Moon as well as other astrological things that my father has collected over the years due to a fascination with all things space. In fact his younger brother, my uncle even worked at the Planetarium in Melbourne. I was thinking about studying about these sort of things at university but it involves far too much mathematics and not enough theory for my liking. It's just interesting to see what happens in the worlds beyond ours in the far reaches of space and to pour my eyes over the pages of the other-worldy; that is the nebulae, the moon as well as the stars.

I haven't seen these spacey Doc Martens on any other site then featured on another blogspot... I know that Solestruck an online store for unique shoes has some velvet Doc Martens but I haven't seen any sluck patent leather patterned combat boots with the northen lights or nebulae on them. They would look amazing when teamed up with some space leggings from Black Milk but maybe I'm just in a bit of a futuristic mood. It'd be great to be assured that these gloriously unique Doc Martens do exist and that they're not just a pipe dream to aspired towards. Other than Solestruck I'm not sure what other online shoe store to check out but there's already a swag of shoes from that website that I can't afford. Besides, the velvet Doc Martens in black may be more versatile with an edgy darkness to them as well.

It may be just a Photoshop effect to layer a spack background speckled with stars over the top of another photograph or it may be the work of a double exposure on a film camera. I really want to learn how to perform a mutliple exposure shot with better results than what I have already tried but to get an effect as intense as this it must be digitally enhanced. Which is a shame, I really dig the floating girl possessed scene mixed in with stars and the cosmos.

At my store we sell a few strings of lanterns with fairy lights inside them but I'd be really impressed if there were a set that were all patterned like the moon full of craters or if there was a solar system string of lucky lanterns. It porbably won't be hapening any time soon but the radiant look of the moon in this shot fills me with hope and whimsy.

Running through the school on my final victory lap of the school (senior year tradition), I spotted a brilliant water colour picture full of space motifs and a floating girl through the cosomos. It was almost as good as this mixture of a skinny and boney girl and a head full of speckled stars. I wish I was able to pull off such a great affect but any time I have tried I always make the paper too wet and it ripples and distorts. It's still nice to be able to observe and admire other people's handiwork regarding water colour as well as art that embodies space.

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  1. hi. i came across your blog when i was looking for images. it was the water color with the space afro that caught my attention. i am an artist and art teacher and the trick to getting your paper not to wrinkle when you water color is 'stretching' it. what you need is a nice quality heavy cotton rag paper. you then carefully soak it under water (best in a flat tray, or by holding it under a faucet and letting water run on both sides). once it is fully wet all the way through you lay it on a water color board and use either water color tape (its got a sticky side like an envelope that you need to wet on one side to adhere) or staples. because the paper is fully expanded and is attached to the board , as it dries it is 'stretched'. so when you go to paint, the paper is already fully expanded so it won't ripple and wrinkle. tips from the trade :). hope it helps!
    keep being creative!