Thursday, December 15, 2011

Romance Was Born: AW 12


While aimlessly searching for archives of the Alice Euphemia blog in the hopes of finding something good, I struck gold. There was some of the more recent Romance was Born collection posted in November so within the last month. I may be lucky in still finding some of the treasures in their stor! I was captivated by the embroidered detail on the jeans shown above- when I had been taking Textiles as a class I had tried to do something similar to a pair of jeans I bought cheap but it didn't end that spectacularly and I only wore them once. Where I failed Romance was Born has succeeded, I love the pairing of the casual pieces of the jeans with the black knitted jumper but there's a touch of glamor with the metallic gold heels on the model. The clouds are stitched in a sort of oriental style with rounded edges mimicking scales and I like the rays of the sun across the legs and the stars near the waist of the jeans. I should save up for a pair of these, I only have two pairs of jeans that I use these days and I could be in the market for a third pair if I was swayed...

Romance was Born is known for using lots of bold and bright colour as well as strange geometric patterns and I was glad to see the trademark pieces that this Australian label is known for included in some of the pieces shown on the Alice Euphemia website. I like the coupling of the tights with the firmly structured bright fuschia blouse as well as the skirt thrown in the mix for variation in colour and breaking apart the ensemble.

My second favourite piece of what's shown here and what first caught my eyes was this brightly coloured smock dress featuring an owl motif over a bright purple background. I'm very comfortable in dresses of this structure, they're a good height and I own a few so seeing Romance was Born make one in such a cool and kooky print made my heart leap. I love the styling here as well, it's very plain I suppose in one way with black tights, gold heels and a milkmaid braid over the front but you could easily dress up an outfit like this using a black evening jacket. If I won a small lottery certainly I'd be after this piece but I may choose the jeans first shown in this post over this owl dress if it all came down to it. Also there's a few pre-loved Romance was Born goodies on eBay, I've seen a circular sort of tent shaped ying yang dress go for a bit so I guess I'll just play it by ear for now.

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