Friday, December 2, 2011

Princess C, Lady J and the Upper Crust: Bling Nation


Princess C, Lady J and the Uppercrust have already produced a range of resin brooches incorporating animals such as gorillas, hippopotamuses, desert plat life and dinosaurs. Their new limited range put out by Edition X is hand-crafted from resin, covered in gold leaf 22carat gold and adorned in a range of colourful jewels. They’re just really different and unique- I like the cheeky placement of the jewels on the nipples and backsides of some of the brooches. It can really dress-up a dinner jacket or a blouse. I take after my mother in the way I wear a brooch- the top of the collar in the middle over the top button to give a sense of symmetry. 
I love what they’ve done with the different jewels and the contrast with the real gold finish on the resin brooches. There is a different mixture between the animals, the desert savannah as well as the outer space rocket and I love the different mixture and eclecticism that has been incorporated into Edition X’s collection. 

Princess C, Lady J and the Uppercrust offer a range of resin brooches with so many different variations on design if you do want to search their website blog. The limited edition range from Edition X is in gold leaf (more expensive) and only a few brooches have been made- ever! I have been interested in this range of brooches and this brand for a year or so, so maybe picking up the rocket brooch would be one of my favourite picks. Karen Walker have also made a rocket to be worn, a sterling silver necklace solid and in weight which can either have a plain finish or a light paisley effect.


The detail of the fur on the tiger’s face is just amazing though, that extent of close detail is really impressive as well as the texture and detail of the brooch pictured above. Lea Stein’s brooches are a bit one dimensional and only really suitable to be viewed front on, whereas Princess C, Lady J and the Uppercrust create small pieces of work in amazing colours and designs which I have been lusting over for so many months now.

Jet plane brooch from the very clever design duo Bling Nation. Resin, 22ct gold leaf, Swarovski crystals, stainless steel

90 mm x 75 mm x 25 mm
Be gentle!
The cameo style backing for each of the animal brooches is classic but not imitating the design too much. I feel aggravated when something imitates cameo too well and their not reinventing the design and instead it’s just copied and cheapened. You would think that a combination of gold, dinosaurs and beads would cheapen the cameo base, but I really do like the different effects of the beads that have been used to emphasise the different animals and shapes. The beads used for the flames of the rocket and cool, and so are the spines of the head of the dinosaur in an emerald green.
Princess C, Lady J and the Upper Crust
When an explorer first enters on the investigation of so remote a place as bestia demens, they find themself as it were in a new world. They can scarcely meet with any fixed points from whence to draw their analogies. Nevertheless, Princess C and Lady J, who went out this day with their everriculum, had the good fortune to belay one of the animals which had been so much the subject of their speculation; an idea of it will best be conceived by the attached representation, without which, the most accurate verbal description would answer very little purpose, as it has not similitude enough to any animal already known, to admit of illustration by reference.

If you are interested in these brooches you better get in quick because they are limited edition and you will be very lucky to get your hot, little hands on brooches of this style and glamour. I have a great velvet dinner jacket I would love to couple with a brooch from this collection but we’ll see how the funds are going and how I prioritise decorating my room and selling things from eBay.

Available here at Edition X Jewels.

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