Friday, December 23, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Just when I think I'm getting over my hair dye fetish and life can return back to normal I realise I have plenty of ammunition to create another post, this time not only on dip-dying but on complete heads full of luscious pink locks! What is the world coming to? A girl walked in to the store yesterday and I chatted her up about her dip dyed ends- she said it was a home job but her peroxide bleached ends where almost white to produce her brightly coloured pink ends.

My original hair dye hero will forever remain Frenchie of the Pink Ladies gang in Grease with her bubble gum moment in her pink hair being a beauty school drop-out. She was my favourite character from her sweet voice, perfectly groomed brows and her pearls, tan skin and pink mop of curls. It never inspired me to pursue beauty school myself- just the wild personal style and ability to see the good in people and offer them kindness.

Style and fashion blogger Brooke Kao sporting a vintage rose blazer with a mop of pink hair- it was originally bleached and then dyed red but then faded to a delightful shade of fairy floss pink. I'm trying to think of ways to get my hair to have a similar effect to it, dip dye my ends red and then have it fade to a pink/ orange sunset colour.

I love the distinct detail a high-resolution and mega-pixel count camera gives of each strand of hair dyed pink and teamed up with a pink knitted scarf. I could only hope that after experimentation with hair dye and colouring that my hair would be able to look as healthy as this close up. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with my hair but it may be due for a cut at any given moment until the length becomes unbearable or I grow the balls to dip-dye my ends and not care about the consequences of unruly ends till the colour fades.

It used to be that girls with blue eyes that were blond bombshells would have their success and fair share of admirers but I say, out with the old, in with the new. I was definitely awe-struck when I was this photograph of luscious pink locks and that brightly coloured blue eye framed by mascara as well as the shocked "O" shape formed by the lips. Her complexion is perfect- it really suits pink hair well and her eye colour only makes it seem more bright, colourful and shockingly unnatural. I didn't think that nature can be improved but it can certainly be enhanced to be made beautiful in its own certain and special way.

The finishing touches of lilac lipstick and a nose piercing in the shape of a stud in addition to a long sleeved black shirt really brings out the vibrant imagination of the long, gorgeous pink hair. Those are my only real positives for this photograph; the eyebrows look too thin and over plucked but I do love the sassy piercing as well as my favourite shade of purple immortalised in a lipstick shade and the pink hair. I wonder if the product used for this shade of pink was a type pf temporary dye; it definitely looks as though the natural shade was dark and it has affected the way the hair dye took too the hair. Rather than a bright pink it looks more a shade of magenta.

I've always loved and admired the imagination behind this photograph; the whimsical opaque and transparent balloons teamed up with a drop-dead gorgeous model sporting hair dyed purple and grey. Her lace blazer with a black trimmed edging, the faraway glance into the distance as well as the product placement of a coca-cola can suits her pale complexion. It's her hair I really love though with the different shades and tones through it and the light purple sheen. I almost wish my hair was naturally white so I would be able to dye it without having to use peroxide bleach as a precursor. The different shades in her hair reminds me of an old, vintage dolly with hair made of wool. Her pale complexion really goes well with the unnatural but beauteous and fairy like mood of the photograph.

A young Kate Moss look-a-like looks sensational covered up in a white doona cover and wildly coloured hair in a strawberry blond/ pink dyed hue thrown around and clumping together in attractive locks. My main admiration for dye hair is the way it catches the light; my own hair being a dark brown borderline-black colour also catches the light well appearing shiny and healthy so maybe dyeing it would have a little life to it for a while... alas, I fear the repercussions as well as the consequences hair dye has on it's health and how much length I would need to sacrifice in order for it to be well-kept.

The combination of long pink hair, a belt worn around the neck as well as a menacing grimace in red lipstick ooze punk attitude as well as the permanent marker font advertising what I assume to be a hair dye brand. I know of La Riche

Model Charlotte Free sporting her trademark pink hair which compliments her delicate features of cheekbones as well as neatly trimmed and prim eyebrows. I love her own personal style that mixes the best of dark, gritty black t-shirts, ripped jeans and tights as well as the weird, wonderful and fluorescent green. It almost blends well with her pink hair.

I'm a firm believer that dyed hair looks its best when sculpted into soft and voluptuous curves- something I don't have from having inherited the slick and straightened texture from my Asian mother. It's not all doom and gloom, I have considered getting a perm but nothing would look as good as the soft tapering of the hair at the ends as well as the dips and peaks of the curves in the hair... looks pretty dreamy when teamed up with an ugly knitted jumper. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I do admire the pastel colours as well as the intricate pattern of the knit. It'd just be nice to wake up and having amazing soft-wave hair that looks perfect in the morning.


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