Saturday, December 31, 2011

Prada S/S11

From the year that was so promising, playful but full of work for me came the gorgeous Prada Spring/Summer 2011 collection which caught my eye with its mesmerising stripes, gorgeous baroque sunglasses as well as wild printed patterns full of streaking water colours in vibrant colours. I loved the presentation of the models, their wavy hair slicked with hair spray as well as perfect side parts and neat little buns on the side. The colours were truly a feast for the eyes and the materials luxurious, especially those devilish fake fur stoles and the real ones too. The sunglasses were like small sculptures and the shoes which came in chunky platform brogues as well as swirly leather patterned high heels made me fall in love all over again.

The collection graced many many magazine covers, and was the toast of the town and the fashion world as far as resort collections were concerned. I myself loved walking around Chadestone shopping centre and peaking into the Prada boutique at the chance of pouring my eyes over the sensational clutches I longed to hold in my hands. A pity the collection was released at the start of Autumn in the southern hemisphere and I was busy and in the midst of my study. I had to time to work feverishly towards earning money for a chance to own a small piece of the collection.

At first it didn't appeal to me, but looking back upon it I have grown rather fond of the banana print which came as both a shirt or a skirt for the resort collection. At first it seemed odd amidst the stripes and colour blocking pieces but I now realised that the bold design and stark colours are what make it apart of the collection. There were many gorgeous as well as intriguing patterns in what seem to be painted designs which are thickly outlined with a thick black brush.

One fashion blogger was clever enough to make a paper homage to the large canvas totes of the collection using craft paper, blue, scissors and ingenuity. If I can't have something lovely from a collection, maybe I should follow in her footsteps and aspire to make tiny craft replicas of the pieces and keep them away in a hope chest or something similar. While I may hate the idea at first, who knows? The trend may grown on me. I should have joined my mother on a trip to the library when she offered to scope out craft books but I was in no mood and instead made good use of my time by cleaning my room a little. What I like is the clasp and yellow latch of the bag and the tiny fine liner detail which has cleverly etched out both the stitching as well as the engraved mark of Prada to give the final seal of approval.

I went gaga over the pink clutches and the use of stripes throughout the collection. This trio of clutches was what made me aspire towards scouring the Internet and online world for a piece of the action. Even if I had managed to scrap the money together, I dare say I wouldn't have found a use for it nor an occasion to use it. No, it's better I save myself for Deadly Ponies bags which are closer to my price range as well as necklaces in Sterling silver from some of New Zealand's finest brands in the business.
My heart is alight by seeing the pink, white and black striped fox fur stole held daintily with the striped dark green and canvas clutch. This is what suckered me into lusting after the fox stoles, the colour and the way they caught the light as well as the soft texture of the fur was to die for, but the clutches were more achievable in the way of price. Still, both pieces seem to have directed me towards canvas bags as well as fox tail charms and woolly key chains. Being eighteen years old it would be remarkable as well as foolish to spend my money on high price pieces from the finest of fashion houses. Instead, I should focus on study as well as operating blogs successfully and having them reflect my personal style.

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