Thursday, December 8, 2011

Prada 2004

Full of sweet loving kisses in shades of reds, browns and purple came the Prada 2004 collection which seemed to have drawn inspiration from 1970's office wear with a chic twist. As well as lip motifs there were shades of lipsticks which covered pleated skirts combined with suave and professional looking turtle necks. The length of the skirts also conveys that sensibility but there is sass as well with the black skirt and red lips first pictured as a part of the campaign picture. The look is very simplistic and the models for the campaign were well chosen- strong arched eyebrows which seem to be a darker hue than mousey brown hair, in a soft wave in contrast with piercing eyes. I like the tones of their hair and the muted, natural make up which add to the sensibility of the pleated skirts adorned in digitally printed lips as well as lipstick.

The iconic skirts of the collection can also be worn with  a grunge attitude, there's the black short sleeve shirts and the netted long sleeve with the crisp white pleats of the skirts. I'd like to think the girls pictured above are wearing black lipstick too or at least they're lips match the motifs on their skirts. Normally I believe in eclecticism and that planning and coordinating an outfit can be far too troublesome but to truly let the skirt become the centre of attention, I believe the preceding precautions are necessary. Skirts of such beauty and great design shouldn't be undermined by less important clothing or details. The skirts are lusted over by many a person who reads the blog Style Rookie by Tavi Gevinson. A fashion piece's versatility is it's greatest asset these days and a great piece of clothing, I believe, is marked by it's ability to blend with other pieces within one's wardrobe.

The soft shades of purple in that tone of lilac is one of my favourite muses at the moment; and the soft fabric really brings out the best of that colour and it also goes well with the shades of brown chosen for the 2004 Prada collection. It's not often you see an ostrich skin fabric used in fashion collections these days and I think it further heightens the romantic mood and feminist liberated mood of the most glamorous of secretary inspired fashion.


It's almost a dress for a flapper girl really; there's the sheer and luxurious material that seems as thin as the softest flower petals as well as the jewel darts that fall down the dress. It's not just those details, it's everything really from the deep and plunging v-neck from the top of the dress and more fabulous jewels that frame the edges of the dress but also the scalloping of the bustier of the dress which features purple lips; the motif of the collection. It's that clever incorporation of the lips into the natural design and lines of the dress that hints the modern link between the dress and it's design. Although the falling pattern of the jewels in lines from the hips is a bit irregular, it screams 1920's glamour and elegance. I can easily envision the movement of the dress flowing and following a model down a runway and in my mind's eye it is a thing of beauty.

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