Friday, December 2, 2011

Perks and Mini

Long before the whole vampire fascination and adoption into popular culture happened, I spied long ago in a Dolly magazine an alphabet of kooky and gorgeous clothes including gorgeous jewellery. Q was for quirky and there it was; a statement necklace of heavy silver fangs put out be Perks Mini which does get shortened down to PAM. I’ve seen them in my favourite store, Fat a number of times for +$200 and always longed and felt heart ache over them. Alas, I do not have the discipline to save money and whenever I do have enough money to buy a pair of fangs, I always seems to talk myself out of or distract myself from buying them. I try to convince myself into buying jewellery lately on the basis of how much I would wear it to my part time job and how it could either make me approachable or more noticeable in general to other people. Although, I doubt that a pair of Perks Mini fangs would make me very approachable to other people, especially shy people.
Fangs are available in either oxidised silver or sterling bright silver. I did have a Pandora charm bracelet which came in oxidised silver, I choose that colour which was a dark black at first but as I continued to wear it the oxidised coat slowly wore off. I did think of getting the Perks Mini fangs in black, but from experience, the coating will wear off as it did with my Pandora bracelet. When the oxidised coating does come off its a lame, dull silver. If you do think of getting yourself a pair of fangs I would recommend the silver fangs over the black but of course the choice is completely up to you.

Perhaps one day I will achieve my dream to own a pair of fangs, and of course when I do I am sure the first time I get them I will put them over my own teeth in my mouth and begin making noises and pulling my red American Apparel cape and swoop around the neighbourhood terrorising the local toddlers. Especially the little hell raisers that always played outside when I am trying to prepare and study for my exams in my final year of school. I think this would only be fair since they have put my future in jeopardy. Mental trauma is a fair trade, wouldn’t you say?

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