Thursday, December 8, 2011

Party Animal

I'm in a bit of a mad and manic mood- there was a mishap of some sorts to do with work and I've missed out on getting to earn about $120 today. So I feel it is fitting that I get to vent my spleen on my blog and unleash my inner animal as best I can.
Or showcase people displaying their outer animal in fancy dress costumes on the street. Some of the photographs are to showcase the Diana F+ camera Hong Meow edition which comes in black and white and features a panda on the winding wheel.
The best reason I can think of my sudden attraction to animalistic behaviour and furry costumes is my longing to lash out and be properly angry but alas I keep composed and just a little bit ticked off instead.

The darkened corners of the photgraph and dreamy colours of the above photo is characteristic to the Diana cameras and was recrafted by Lomography in 2007 as the Diana +. The oriental and traditional characters of the sign above the person in the panda suit as well as the strong and vibrant red colours truly gives the photograph flair and an Asiatic flavour.

The graphics of the paper masks are in that 'Where the Wild Things Are' vain and I like that, although the fangs seem to be much more pointed and horrific and the eyes are beady, small and have bags underneath them. It just goes to show, there's a wild thing in all of us. Most notably in young children, but particularly in annoyed teenagers who have their mothers saying 'how dare they' and agitating the situation.
I'm in a bit of a wild mood myself, but there's nothing like giving the keyboard a good beating with my fingertips.

I like the use of sunglasses at night for these Halloween revelers dressed as a poise of bananas. At least they all had the good sense to all wear black long sleeved shirts and be uniform- that's how you snag the best goods and recognition from peers. Among my graduating class in high school, the most intelligent and brainy boy named Bobby Chen dressed as a banana in a metallic gold costume and it was hilarious due to the curved nature of the fruit. The bananas pictured above seem to be very straight and a bit more naturalistic, but that may just be the lighting of the photograph and use of flash photography in the dark.

I like the absurdly long pink ears of the bonnet that make up the rabbit hat combined with the posture: curled up in the foetal position wearing a filthy pair of velcro trainers and nursing a cigarette in hand. At the moment I almost wish I had that sort of full-blown anger and misery. I'm not sure if it is the influence of reading Dorian Gray and studying poetry by John Keats in my literature classes but this half blown anger and ticked off purgatorial state is draining me and making me feel sick. I may not fully believe in the aesthetic experience of emotion but there's nothing more miserable then self-pity, having the 'what if' complex and dwelling on the past and at the moment I am doing all three. Maybe I would feel better if I wore my own animal bonnet: a Simba the Lion costume as a part of my final celebration costume for the end of Year 12.

It's possibly two of the greatest costumes I've ever seen: a really stuffed and squishy looking hot dog and a squirrel which is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. When I was searching at my local costume store they had some of the most flimsy and sad looking taco costumes I'd ever seen. Although, I did manage to score a Christmas pudding costume for Christmas in July and had spied a Pink Panther costume. The squirrel costume looks really good for cold days; those suits tend to heat up quickly and stay hot.

All the teeth are different in jagged and mainly triangular shapes, ranging from being slack-jawed, having them stick out at all sorts of angles or having the teeth comparable to a new grand piano. I like the smoke in the background as well as the straggly weeds and long grass in the foreground. Those two elements combined with the dark lighting of the photograph help to give a foreboding atmosphere to an already disturbing and costume head filled picture.

When not involved in comic skits on Sesame Street, muppets Bert and Ernie lead their alternate double life: both have fulfilling careers as DJs on the New York circuit. Balancing between their adult lives while teaching children how to read and count by day, the muppet duo are at all times inseparable. I must admit though, Ernie's head is looking a bit rough as if he's been in some brawls lately. Or it could be that there's a person inside him and his head is made of paper mache and that those are two of the sickest home-made costumes I've seen aimed for someone of my age. Must be the music set up and Ernie getting his dance on.

I've collected pictures of partying pandas the most from what's been curated in this post. All I can say is that the Asian in me muse be coming out and that people love pandas as much as I do. So much so, that they go out reveling during the night time dressed as the black and white mammal.
whether I took one or two snaps. The results will be interesting to say the least, I was using redscale film but it will give me a good indication on what to expect when photographing something with the two binary opposing shades: black and white.

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