Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pamela Love X Opening Ceremony: Where the Wild Things Are Jewellery

I was interested in the 'Where the Wild Things Are' movie and the very adult take on such a simple children's book- it was the story of an outsider from many different view points and the struggle to reconcile relationships and how we relate to everyone else in our family. Amid the hype of the adapted novel and movie came the collaboration of Pamela Love's jewellery range and crafting of dark, gritty, oxidised jewellery as well as the alternative design and fashion Opening Ceremony brings across the globe to fashion hungry young people. I loved the motifs in the collection which remihnd me of the scenes of the movie.

There were the feathers from Douglas, in either a broad and artistic cuff or shaped in a crown reminiscent of Max's first encounter with the wild beasts and his clever wiles which save him from becoming their dinner. I'm not a fan of broad cuffs myself, there's too much restraint on my wrist movement and too much of it rubbing into and cutting softly into my skin. Still though, it's a lovely and rare design to see in jewellery especially in a cuff with such width to it. Pamela Love has made many lovely dark and earthy pieces of jewellery from silver such as rings, necklaces and bracelets and although I have not yet been lucky enough to own or even have a play of her pieces I trust her craftsmanship and her name affiliated with any piece of silver jewellery. The fact that it's a collboration with Opening Ceremony and they've taken inspiration from the children's book 'Where the Wild Things Are' only sweetens the deal.

This cuff is more my style, not as thick and broad and a better more usual shape in a strip with a claw scratching and carving into it. There's a lovely scene in which Mac uses the claw of one of the monsters to draw a love heart into wood with their initials. Reminds me of all the times I wished I had a sweetheart's initials to carve into trees or write on foggy windows. Now that I have one I haven't had time to do any of those activities but I'm sure that it's now not as important as I once thought. There's nothing more gruesome than a clawed hand carving and cutting the tought bark on a tree sitting on your wrist and seemingly trying to cut at that too.

My favourite and most coveted piece of the collection is a charm bracelet featuring the gold crown Max wears when adopted by the beasts, natural things such as trees, claws and feathers as well as the boat he uses to sail to their land. The links on the bracelet are much thicker and oval in shape then your everyday bracelet and there's a rough texture to them as well. My favourite charms are the crown and boat. I've seen so many photographs of youths wearing crowns made of cardboard on the micro-bloggins site Tumblr and it always reminds me of Max and Where the Wild Things Are. One day I'll but a A2 poster of metallic gold card just to make a fantastic crown. Then sooner or later I'll make my own wolf jumpsuit. If only I could find this charm bracelet on the internet to buy then my life would be completely immersed in the tale.