Friday, December 30, 2011

Pack it in a Backpack

A personal Summer favourite of mine alongside eating watermelon and sitting in front of the air conditioner is venturing into the city while wearing a nice dress, comfortable shoes to support my feet as well as a backpack well stocked with plenty of essential items such as bottles of water and lip balm. I must be really showing my age by still preferring everything heaped together in a sack on my back rather than using a hand bag but I like being able to bring a little food with me and water. I always feel so guilty when buying lots of little things, especially food when I know I can pool it all together to get something extraordinary.

I felt very giddy when I first spotted this photograph, since when I was a young child attended primary (elementary) school I wanted to be able to sneak over a pet or bring my favourite gaming system to school. In the end I settled with Pokemon cards which, when I had reached the age of six, was very popular at the time I blended right in with everyone else. The small hitch in my plan was that at the time I didn't have any pets and I was also wary of losing things such as Gameboys, ever fearing the wrath my mother would vent on me. It was fun to live through the pipe dream I had as a kid when I saw this photograph since cats can have a habit of choosing odd places to sit and a high school bag for books is no exception then.

I have seen so many skinny hipster boys at the shops sporting boater shoes, tight black jeans as well as sagging backpacks while going to work these past few weeks it's not even funny anymore. I like the use of iron-on patches for this simple black backpack and the cat motifs and buttons used to individualise the look. I have permanently borrowed my father's plain yellow canvas backpack and am tempted to try something like this myself but the last time I tried to update something of his, he didn't take to it well. Last time that happened he also made me make my own item I was trying to update which was a wooden boat and quite fun actually but making my own backpack might be a little harder this time. Alas, there are plenty of lovely tapestry bags featuring kittens that I can scope out on eBay though as a back up plan.


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