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Need a cooler collar?

Yes indeed dearest reader; I think it’s time that I came clean with you. For you see I am indeed obsessed with the soft structure and curves of the Peter Pan collar and vintage inspired sailor collars. The dreaminess and the romantic vibe it provides is something I undeniably dig and I’m into. I have made reference to the collars previously mentioned about three or four times in the past so I think it's time that I wrote and dedicated a whole post to it. Since I seem to think the collars are so great maybe I should practise my persuasive writing and convince you how great they are too!
I'm actually not too sure when my fascination started with this particular fashion trend and when it became incorporated into popular culture. I'm guessing these types of collars became popularised about a year or two ago. American Apparel have some fantastic sheer blouses with the soft curved lines (but a tight necked collar), which I am lucky to own in floral and I have some vintage blouses as well which I wear to job interviews (should the occasion call for it). Every time I wear a certain white shirt with an embroidered collar and a sort of a tattoo style swallow effect, I get the job or move on to the next interview stage. That shirt is much better and more noticeable than a pair of lucky underpants. When you find a look that works you really do tend to stick with it.
Although the actual product being advertised in the photograph above is a vintage Moschino belt (already sold), by the vintage resellers Claire Inc. who always have the coolest tops and dresses. Even if there aren’t always vintage fashion house labels such as Chanel, Cacharel and Dior, there is also other dresses and shirts as a way to enhance their product. I have seen other fashion-mad-people like myself who follow Claire Inc. On such social networking site Facebook and asking whether they would be willing to sell pieces used as part of presentation and modelling. Claire Inc. often refuses such a proposal politely and with grace. I can see the point in their refusals, but I do feel very unhappy that such amazing collars and garments are being hoarded and only worn as show pieces. They don’t even get worn that often, probably just for a few hours every now and then. I could give them such a better and happier life within my wardrobe.

The dark and subversive mood of the photograph in combination with the pose of the girl simply completes the look and atmosphere. I adore this dress, as well as the cute little black and white loafers. There’s a melting pot of dark magic suggested by the octagonal shaped wooden box which the girl is perched upon- and the locks of dark black hair over one eye. For all we know, she might have cut it out and sacrificed it to some sort of satanic deity I highly doubt this improbable thesis; she’s far too pretty to have an eye missing out of her face. I must have been influenced by Florence and the Machine’s song “Girl with one Eye” and the broody tracks of her albums Lungs and Ceremonials. The model’s arm is gently draped around a soft toy- black in colour of course. There’s a make-shift cubby and curtains wrapped around as well as the soft stuffed toys behind her. Cherry red was my favourite childhood colour, and I still have a secret-soft-spot for it, but I really like the double edge collar. That’s what makes it stand out for me since you never really see it incorporated into the garment design for clothes. The dress’ crisp white against cherry cheery red.

The material above looks like velvet which would just be one of the loveliest vintage blouses you could possibly get- although it may just be the black and white effect as well as the lighting of the photograph. The small, cute little buttons seem great in numbers trailing carefully up to a small but dainty collar. The collar is sort of shallow in depth but I do love the shapes and smooth lines of it. Her hair completes the look since it’s not that neat and looks sort of dry in texture. There is nothing more alluring than a neat clean presentation but locks of dark coloured messy hair- with a wind-blown effect.

Both of the models pictured above are simply the epitome of perfection. I do like the bowler woollen hat pictured on the right but the most breath-taking item is obviously the dress on the left. There’s obviously the amazing patterns and swirling colours of the dress with an erotic sheer material right above the breast and just below the collar. The metallic combination of green and blue reminds me of a gorgeous male peacock. Some people may have mixed opinions on the sheer material but I do like the way the button detail is carried through from the bottom of the dress where the psychedelic pattern begins, the sheer peek-a-boo detail and finally ends at the top of the sequins around top of the neck. There is a lot different effects and details on the dress above but it is all so carefully and beautifully incorporated into the dress. And on the model it’s just so wonderful and wild.

Fresh off the runway comes this cosmic and galactic beauty in the form of a beautiful garment. Although the blouse pictured above does stand out a lot more due to the colour splash editing, I love the gloss over the right side of the blouse and the shimmer. I must admit I am really interested to know what type of material that has been used, over the arms there’s obviously sheer but the gloss and mixture of colours is really something else. The collar doesn’t come off as strong in terms of structure or its magnitude and importance in relation to the rest of the garment but I do like the sharp corners of it.
How gorgeous is the lace on this blouse? The blouse made all the more perfect by the feminine pose and sweet frills along her blouse. I just wish I had an ounce of the style and grace that she has to look as sweet and lovely as she does.
I’ve seen this behind-the-scenes photograph of a model runway show a few times, but I am still completely oblivious to who the designer is. On the right you can see the sharp and tight collar on what looks to be a jumpsuit in a colour that can only be described as blush. What I like most about this image is the tinted lenses on the sunglasses in contrast to the soft nude and pink of the frames, the tone of the lipstick as well as the different shades of pink. I am usually a girl who wears studded things and skinny black jeans but sometimes I can be such a softie at heart and a secret girly girl. Not that there’s anything wrong with having those traits but you wouldn’t necessarily think of that reflected in my own personal style and clothing.
I am very much so impressed with the clever origami skills and pure balls it would take to fold an Australian $100 note all in the name to create a little piece of collar shirt goodness as well as a cool photograph. Could you imagine the havoc and mental distress you could cause to a shop assistant by trying to pay for goods with this little puppy?
Miu Miu reinvented and introduced the world to the sharp and distinct collar that became a motif of their entire collection for 2011. The much imitated cat on the collar as well as a naked woman and swallow motifs can be recognised from many fashion magazines as well on well-known fashion bloggers. It was such a break through at the time and a small revolution- there are so many tutorials on the internet about DIY collars and achieving the much coveted look. Although the tutorials are really easy to follow along, I wouldn't have minded getting my hands on one of the real collars. Not because I am unable to craft one for myself but I because I am envious of the prestige and style of the original Miu Miu collars. I must be getting jealous of fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson who gets sent items from Prada and Miu Miu. Can you really blame me though? She’s made a name for herself as stylist and blogger by the age of fifteen and I have merely been able to pass my schooling reasonably well at the age of eighteen.

I’m seeing double with the cute collars! My favourite is the shirt on the left, obviously because it can be seen the best but I do like the haircut and the structure of her eyebrows of the girl on the left. I often tie a ribbon around my cute little collar in the form of a slack tie and to add some more cuteness to my outfit. Since I got some Chanel perfume box set as a present for Christmas, I also have a ribbon covered in the name of the fashion house. I really do like the cute little drill edges of the collar on the left. Sort of like special cute edges using craft scissors.

The ominous far-off stare into the distance combined with the necklace named ‘Nobody’ is so subversive in comparison to the butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth look, soft pout lips and the combination of the dusty pink jacket and frilly collar. I am tempted to get a name plate necklace of myself but I was thinking of getting a unicorn on one end and a kitten on the other side just with my name. In the mean time I may just need to grow some balls to wear such a piece of jewellery with pride and confidence. Really do like the styling of this photograph and the combination of the pink jacket and shirt. I want to do some doily hunting in second-hand shops and work my little butt off to get some money to get that name plate necklace I’ve had my eye on for a year.
Care free and with majestic long wavy hair, I have the mindset to grow my hair to that length as well and wear my collared shirt. Soft focused photography in contrast to the sharp structure and distinct lines of the collar looks so good to me, as well as the smile and faded background of the photograph. One of my favourite images of the photosets. Possibly because I know I can create this as well with clothes I already have in my wardrobe. I have a killer Hogwarts jumper from when I was ten that still fits me and my lucky shirt mentioned in one of the first paragraphs of this post. 

Collar tips are one of my favourite little details on a sharp and distinct collar, but they are quite rare and hard to find especially on sites such as eBay. I think that Zara may have had some nice ones a while ago but whether or not they are available at the moment within Australia is something I can’t confirm.

The cameo necklace underneath the Peter Pan collar is really chic, maybe it’s the contrast of the soft nude material of the blouse and the black. I find that cameo pieces, especially vintage can be either a hit or a miss depending on the sculpting of the face in profile. The cameo necklace worn is lovely by itself and can only be enhanced by the simple but beautifully soft pink blouse. Of course there’s the soft focus as well, which evokes a mysterious atmosphere.

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