Monday, December 12, 2011

My Little Pony

There's just got to be something wrong with me lately- it's probably just the raging hormones talking but I don't really want to be me anymore. I'd rather be somebody else. The easiest way to change an appearance that I know of is with a bottle of hair dye. Maybe I'll just calm my frazzled nerves by looking at some pretty My Little Pony figures with dyed hair in shocking and bright colours. That might just cheer me up.

I never had any My Little Pony stuff of my own, but looking at these guys I kind of wish I did. Then if I had dyed my hair when I was young or coloured it in with textas and highlighters then I'd have some sort of influence to blame. Instead I never did get to comb that fake hair and look at all the pretty colours of the rainbow attached to a plastic pony. I lead a sad life, but at least I had Pokemon in my childhood.

I could do with some hot pink hair with tones of orange and a lighter pink to warm me up- this cold Melbourne weather I guess has been getting me down lately. As well as the cold indifference from some people I know... it's not exactly making my Summer break between high school and university pleasant but I guess anything is better than having to prepare for exams. Looking down and seeing warm pink hair might cheer me up- or maybe I'll put the money I earned for using my blog as a space for ads and buy myself a little Pony mascot from eBay. They don't go for too much.

Now that I am free from the clutches of exams and the 9am-3pm routine of high school I am free to be able to watch television again! And may I just say that the new range of My Little Pony figures are weird and skinny, I much prefer the vintage stylised ones I used to see when I was a little tyke doing shopping with my mother and that they had a much more natural shape to them. I can handle the weird coloured hair, the bulging blue eyes that look like stickers and the purple bodies but I don't think I can really handle the weird skinny bodies that make me feel fat. It's like the barbie doll dilemma all over again...

Last but certainly not least is the purple bodied friend pony friend that looks like Rainbow Dash (yes I'm beginning to learn their names and I'm eighteen, go ahead and point and laugh). I like them for their aesthetics and their hair colour mainly, they have the inbuilt curls, they don't need to worry about their hair colour dying or their roots showing. I'm trying to use them as a way to deter myself from dying my own long dark brown hair.

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