Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mercy to the Masses

Available on the Superette website is the New Zealand label 'Mercy to the Masses' which features some of my favourite dark and gritty techniques incorporated into silver jewellery- oxidised silver that's cleaned and brushed off in places. This ring comes in one size and features a faceted and sculpted design, purposely used to make the ring look old and worn. The nature of this ring is to look aged and as you continue to wear this piece the aesthetic allows it to look older as it is continually worn. Just as a friendly disclaimer- while I do love the oxidised look of silver giving it the blackened look, with enough wear the entire oxidised finish can wear off.

What initially attracted me to the brand was this large tooth necklace, I'm going through an odd phase where my dreams are filled with me rotting my teeth to the core and as a result they end up falling out. As well as the odd dreams there's also been a little bit of talk about my friend who recently got all four of his wisdom teeth removed in one sitting and his involvement with out referee association. What I'm really looking for is a necklace to remind me the importance of taking care of my teeth and a reminder of my sullied dreams which usually shock me when I finally awake in the mornings.


Pieces from 'Mercy to the Masses' are each hand crafted with love, care and gusto by the dedicated team at Mercy to the Masses and not by slaves- all of this happens at what I assume to be their studio in Queenstown New Zealand. Mainly stocked at boutique stores within New Zealand, they are also available online and promise that their empire can only continue to grow.   

They're a bit difficult to see with the dark lighting, choice of black shirts and black eyeshadow worn like bandit masks but the silver necklaces released by 'Mercy to the Masses' in thier 2008/2009 collection are of a ribbon and cow skull respectively. I've been tossing between whether to get a cow skull necklace or not but this Western style tie with matching silver cow skull is really something. The black suede cord used as a necklace is very appropriate- I adore the dark grunge necklaces and I feel even more excited knowing there is another great New Zealand brand crafting pieces of silver jewellery in skulls and other motifs.

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