Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lovely Hair

After looking at many different photographs that star girls with artificial colours in their hair, it's nice to get back in touch with nature and look at what's natural and normal to see in someones hair. It's reassuring to see that you don't need to be far-out and wild to be considered beautiful and unique. I guess I sort of feel like I'm settling for something ordinary by embracing natural coloured hair, but I pride myself on the length my hair now has and also the sheen to it. I should really stop using conditioner meant for coloured hair since I outgrew my streaks, but for some reason mum keeps buying it and it makes my hair look shiny and healthy anyway so there's no real problems with it.

I love drawing hair in this vain- it's like the grain of wood full of lines and texture. It's kind of hard to execute but with a little more practice I think I may get the gist of it.For that type of drawing I've found that using a pencil is near-hopeless since it smudges quite easily and don't you dare even think of using something like a highlighter for a job like this. You're better off sticking to using a no-nonsense fine liner to sketch out all the fine lines and details of each strand of hair.

I suppose it's not at all possible that all of that jet black hair within that plait can be real- I think I can almost see pieces sticking out from when one extension ends and another begins. One girl at my old high school (my old school now that I've finally finished) was one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen in real life. She had long hair down to her waist in a dirt blond colour which was more of a becoming and charming honey brown really. Sometimes my friends at lunchtime would complain about the impractical nature of her hair while I'd be sitting quietly, chewing on a sandwich. Quiet with dreamy admiration and hope that my hair would too become as long and pretty as all that. Believe me, it was a sight to see and very impressive.

I must admit, I had the thought in my head that to not dye your hair is boring and you'd be full not to try it- you'd be a Plain Jane really. But none of that assumptive tripe is true since if you have never dyed your hair before then it doesn't make you any less interesting. Likewise, just because you dye your hair doesn't automatically make your personality any better either. It would be nice to have a long set of locks, long and my natural colour. In my opinion it sort of shows your devotion and willingness to stick out that style and that your not flippant, constantly changing your look. Or maybe I'm just being daft again.

Another wonderful thing about masses of natural hair is that when you put it into a bun you get the neatest and most round and full bun you've ever seen. On the rare occasion when I tie up my hair I lose maybe an inch or two of it's actual length when I braid it and my bun is getting nice and bulbous, although I still haven't worked out how to hold it all together without the assistance of a comb.
This is the kind of look I think every girl dreams of waking up to- those curls are so perfect, so luscious and bodied. This is what makes me sad about having straight hair; there's no real texture to it and there's no bounce to it either. I love how the ends seem to taper and wither away, it's a much better look then simply have dry and crackly ends that are screaming to be lopped off by the hair dresser. The black and white editing of the photograph really lets the texture of the hair show, the way it plays with the light and the variation in colour you get. I only got a look similar to this when I had my hair plaited over night, undid it and then went to the beach and splashed in the water. Imagine being gifted with such looks and natural beauty. Some people have all the luck.

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