Saturday, December 31, 2011

Knitted Hats

Since Yokoo has just released some of her new items and one featured a scarf made of alternating red and white links, I find myself longing for cold weather as well as comfortable knitted treasures such as these hats. While I don't own a knitted bobble hat with knitted pattern, I have every intention of going down to the massive vintage warehouse Retrostar Vintage Clothing and picking up the knitted beanie of my dreams sometime in January. If I managed to get my hands on a red and white beanie such as the one pictured above and ordered a Yokoo knitted scarf, I could dress up as a fantastic Wally/ Waldo decked out in knitted accessories as well as blue skinny jeans, perfectly round framed glasses and boater shoes.

I once tried to make my own pom pom but mucked it up considerably and was left with small pieces of red yarn cut to the same place leaving me with a stinging pain in my belly and bits and pieces resembling worms. Best to leave it to the professionals that can actually knit to save themselves and can make lovely beanies featuring whales and other creatures, more commonly deer.

I wish there were woods in my back garden, not like the Australian scrub everywhere in this country of mine that is an expanse of weird and wonderful bushes as well as trees covered in leaves all year round. I want carpets of red, yellow and brown leaves as well as rugged up coats and layers of clothing. I'm a creature that adores the cold, Summer always has been the cruelest season to me and unbearable to endure during the night when I'm trying to sleep. I'm in my element when I'm wearing lots of clothes all at once and can cover my neck and ears in a scarf or beanie. It's just occurred to me that I haven't seen my beloved Sherpa beanie in a good long while... and I know for a fact it hasn't been snagged on a branch and left for dead like this hapless knitted creation shown above.

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