Friday, December 23, 2011

A Kind of Guise: Indian Summer Belt

Hopefully this will be my last post of the day featuring a poduct from the brand A Kind of Guise... not that there's anythign wrong with that but there's only so many woven products featuring ethnic prints that I can absorb within one day! I like the combination of woven carpet wool and leather to create a unique belt that looks like it belongs within a market place. It's very Navajo print, that's pribably what's drawn me to it in fact. The best compliment I've ever recieved was being mistaken for a Native American since in Australia that would be quite a feat. It was something about the way I smile as well as having dark brown hair and eyes. If I should ever dress as an American Indian it would be two long braids down the front, feathers in my hair and maybe getting this belt for a biege or brown shift fress full of fringes.

Made in a similar fashion to the bags for the Kilim Project, the belts are made from 100% leather and cotton and crafted in Germany, if you're interested the braided leather belts with leather details on the ends go for 110 Euros. Even though the belts are made from hand woven wool and are crafted using the finest materials I do find forking out so much money for accessories I barely use to be a bit steep- I much prefer scouring the vintage world online and seeking treasure there. Second hand items have their charm to them and being a second child I'm somewhat used to getting hand-me-downs . The close up detail in the second photograph showcases the amount of care that goes in to the woven bags and belts from AKOG.

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