Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Deadly Ponies AW12

Mr. Dipalopagus – Magenta

I've been an admirer of New Zealand label Deadly Ponies- for both their craftsmanship in their dealings with leather bags but also their range of exquisite silver jewellery. I've seen some of their hairy and woolly bags as a part of their Okapi Rider collection for 2011 launched but have yet to see their bright magenta coloured leather bags released in their online store. I'm so excited for the release of these bags and when I may be able to lay my hands on one- they often sell out quickly despite the high price tag but you are paying for some of the best designs available in high-quality leather. I'm not too fond of their blue and red coloured leather bags dubbed Peacock and Lava respectively but the bright magenta bags are sure to be a high with their female clientele- especially girls like my heading towards university!

Mr. Billy Box – Black

I love the cute shape in a sort of a pill box as well as the different hues of brown tinting the fur of this little sling bag. No expense has been spared, the strap across the body is leather as well, I can't be too sure as to whether the fur for this woolly bag is real. Your guess is as good as mine till further information is provided about this enigma collection and it's official launch occurs. One thing is certain- Deadly Ponies will have one customer in me! I will have worked for over 30 hours in retail by the time my next pay comes in and I do plan to save that money to bag myself a gorgeous leather hand bag in either a wild and woolly animal skin or bright magenta leather.

Mr. Fill n’ Zip Fur – Black

The striking white stripe on the hide of the bag fits perfectly and aligns with one of the straps of the bag. The double strap allows versatility when using on of these bags either clutching it over a wrist as a hand bag or slung across your shoulder for extra security. The gold coloured clasps are chic and go well with the natural and earthy tones of the leather and fur.

Mr. Mini Fill n’ Zip – Magenta

This satchel is just so extravagant and bright- perfect for colour blocking and making a statement. Amidst the rectangular panels on the side of the bag I also like the matching magenta chain for the straps which leads to a broad leather panel to feel comfortable when worn over the shoulder. If I'm brave enough and depending on the price tag and shading of the leather in person I may just walk down to Alice Euphemia in Melbourne and bag myself one of these gorgeous leather magenta bags, while fearing the wrath of what my mother would say. It was bad enough when I bough a fluorescent pink satchel.

Mr. Clapback Tote – Black

Slick- suave as well as hairy this final messenger satchel complete with shaggy fur would certainly add a touch of quirk to an evening ensemble. This is just a sneak preview of what Deadly Ponies have in store for their next collection so be sure to stay tuned for what other glorious surprises they have yet to spring on us.

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