Monday, December 26, 2011

Inkling & Notions

I spotted the brand Inkling and Notions on the Superette website and I fell in love with the sweet shapes of their jewellery- I recently bought a 2012 diary made out a recycled Little Golden Book, Bambi based on the movie so I was thrilled to see deer as well as little bunny rabbits immortalised in silver jewellery for what I assume to be this New Zealand brand. This fawn pendant goes for $459 and features finely detailed and oxidised fur as well as a cute bow. What struck me was the face and detail of the ears, the brand hasn't sugar-coated and enhanced the natural structure of the deer to make it pleasing. The bow detail atop the fawn's head is rose gold, possibly adding to the cost of the pendant but this is solid silver body on the pendant.

The detailed silver Bunny Ring by Inklings and Notions has great texture in contrast with a smooth gold bow.

I make no secret of my love for animals, I have owned nine rabbits over eight years and although there are sadly no survivors I still love them very much and sometimes have dreams in which I have rabbits again. This sweet ring features a bunny rabbit crafted true to nature with a triangular nose and face. The bow over the ear reminds me strangely of Minni Mouse. It's rare to see rabbits incorporated into jewellery- let alone to such a high standard and exquisite craftsmanship. I still love the fawn necklace but this rabbit ring with bow is a close second on my wish list.

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