Sunday, December 25, 2011

I Dream of Rubi

My contract as a Christmas casual will be up in January so that means I only have a few days to decide what I'd like to get using my staff discount while I can use it... I am hopeful to be kept on but there are ten other Christmas casuals at my store alone and while two of them are hopeless I don't know whether I will be able to stay there. It has been a while since I had a look through the Rubi shoes online store and I was delighted with the range of shoes and accessories in a suede tone, for example the wine colour on these gorgeous ankle boots and there's also a matching envelope clutch to match it as well. The boots remind me of my child hood in which I'd stop around our garden helping my father out with odd jobs for a little bit of pocket money and the slick suede colour would look good with say, a leopard print cardigan, a black dress or something in pure white. 

They'd just be a nice touch for colour blocking especially with the matching clutch... although being super insecure it'd be wonderful if I could add on a gold chain to sling across my body. The stitching as well as the colour of this clutch is simply fantastic, and the metal clasp around the bottom lip of the envelope made it even more attractive. It's on my Boxing Day Sale hit list, I really do want to stock up on some fantastic things from Rubi while it's still cheap to me.

Another thing I've been searching for is plain black slippers to replace a lot of dead ballet flats and I can get away with wearing some minimalist and simple for say, job interviews and other functions where I must impress a crowd. Another reason I've been lusting after something like these is to try and add spikes and studs to them in a vague attempt to recreate loafers studded by brands such as Jeffrey Campbell or shoes by Christian Louboutin. Also there's the Charlotte Olympia ballet flats as worn by Alexa Chung with cat details that I've been really wanting to buy, but should I go cheap and get a few pairs of these instead? Oh, I only have so much money and have to come to some tough decisions lately.

Red shoes are often some of the more difficult to style with and can either be a great hit or a miss- red was my favourite colour all throughout Primary school and I do still have a soft spot for it but do I risk getting shoes that may not even be suited to a lot of outfits I want to create in the year? Even so, after I finish reffing all my basketball games it'd be nice to be able to change into a shoe like this and allow my feet to breathe for a bit, even if they do just soak up some unwanted sweat. A lot of the foot is exposed for these shoes so while they may not be suited to working it'd be nice to build up a little bit of a tan again and keep it while looking good. I may just get a whole heap of these suede loafer shoes in red, black and blue with the reasoning that I will not need to search for flats for a while and I will be able to relax and take it easy as far as shoe hunting is concerned.

The suede ankle boots have a pixie toe finish at the top and match the gorgeous wine coloured envelope clutch I now have my heart set on. The problem with the 21st century is that even without going to the shops and outside I know what I want to buy... no where is safe these days and my wallet will be sure to hurt within the next few days.

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