Friday, December 2, 2011

Helena Bogucki

Be enchanted and protected by the Enter the Brave series of amulets from jeweller Helena Bogucki. Double headed Cat at My Side bracelet made in powder coated brass. Laser cut wood tag attached with artist hallmark.

65 mm x 65 mm x 8 mm
Adorn yourself with these amulets!

The grunge and rough looking chain combined with the intentionally bumpy shape of the cat’s figure and individual look of the charm is alluring and mysterious. I am magnetically drawn to things that have a mystique, a one-of-a-kind look and Helena Bogucki’s jewellery is all that especially her collection for Edition X. There was once a silver cat’s face as a locket and that was the one that got away on eBay, so this may be me replacing the lost cat necklace I never had. The side profile of the cat as well as the long and skinny legs and tail make the cat look elegant. I in turn have the deep-seeded hope in my heart that I too will become elegant but dark and a little edgy.

The designer of these charming cat necklaces and bangles, Helena Bogucki creates jewellery that reflects a passing moment of conversation and are a memento of the past in that sense. She is an independent designer who makes objects that combine formed and found pieces. Her jewellery incorporates motifs from an point in time or incident accidentally discovered by Helena Bogucki.

West Australian jeweller Helena Bogucki was a resident at the Pattern Shop until 2011, adding her distinctive fusion of jewellery design and historical-social research to the Atelier’s increasingly diverse skill base.

Not only does Helena Bogucki create jewellery, she is also has been selected by curatorial teams from FORM Gallery and Western Australia and has been honoured with an invitation to exhibit her work at Melbourne galleries as well.

Her jewellery designs, which stem from meticulous research into, and intriguing documentation of, museum and other historical collections, set Helena apart as a unique designer with captivating methodologies. 


I don’t really like the bangle as much as the necklace, probably due to the poor definition and articulation of the shape of the cat’s head on the ends of the bangle. I like the metal and black finish used on both pieces of jewellery shown in this post but without the slender and art-like representation of the cat’s body it does make it hard to distinguish what animal it is of. Originally I thought it was the head of a giraffe, but that may just be how I draw them and reminds me of my poor state of my scrawling. You don’t really see many bangles designed these days as there is a greater focus on rings, bracelets and necklaces so if you do like the brooding mood and darkness of the cat jewellery by Helena Bogucki I suggest you jump in quick as they are limited edition from the website Edition X Jewels. But if you don’t like them that’s fine too- I love animals and them being incorporated into jewellery so there’ll be more for me.
If you are interested in contacting Bogucki and discovering more of her enchanting pieces you can contact her on her website:

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