Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hannah Carlyle

Hannah Carlyle, the Australian jewellery maker and designer based in Adelaide has produced a plethora of resin creations as an associate of JamFactory for the past two or three years. As well as earrings and necklaces made for the Edition X collection which I have previously covered, as an artist, Carlyle has also created resin gelati bowls, brooches, cuff links, bangles, rings as well as beaded necklaces and dangling earrings. There's a great variety of colour, using the mixture of resin layers and colours which gives birth to swirling storms and coaxes spontaneous patterns.

There's a great difference between some of the pieces, the gelati bowls and bangles seem to have very smooth lines and flowing design as well as the flat disc earrings and brooches. However, I think I prefer the more geometric and jagged lines of some of the earrings and necklaces, particularly the necklaces which used the layered pieces of resin as beads. I love the layering affect and swirling of the colours; I didn't even think that resin could be as beautiful as this since I clapped eyes on the Hannah Carlyle collection at Edition X.

These earrings are my second favourite to come from Hannah Carlyle's crafted and guided hand. At the moment though I'm carefully watching some silver earrings featuring cats and other ear wraps featuring dragons. However, compared to the those, earrings by Carlyle are much more artistic and neat compared to the others. Also, there's a more evenly balanced weight distributed along the ear lobe with these sweet dangling resin pieces than an ear wrap. The baby pink and light pastel layers sandwiching the amber coloured clear resin works well.

I like this bold resin ring set on a broad band Stirling silver, the swirling colours of the two shades of blue, white as well as thin strips of black makes this piece really unique. I think Carlyle's really taking her craft and work with resin to a whole new level with the intricate details and interplay between the slices of resin in this piece. It may not be all that practical and a little clunky, but if you happen to be sporting a clutch bag all day a ring like this isn't a bad idea to have. Makes your hand look a little more artistic in it's presentation and draws more attention to the bag you'll be holding onto throughout the duration of an event, say like a formal event? That way it wouldn't matter if you set the bag down later on at a table or something.

I'm a little bit intrigued by this particular piece, Hannah Carlyle hasn't previously used a rope as part of the necklace of a piece, this one has a magnetic clasp. The good thing about the magnetic clasp is that there's no unsightly parrot clasp and the piece keeps a minimalist approach to the rest of the design. The layering as well as the swirling effect for this piece is particularly intense. It reminds me of a fire opal with the mixing of red and blue and the swirls of dark and light within each of the layers of those two slabs of resin. The yellow resin slice at the top of the pendant completes this set of primary colours nicely.

Check out the close up detail on these bad boys! With a piece like this you get so much variety in terms of Hannah Carlyle's signature effect, swirling and mixing colours between pieces of resin and all strung on one lovely beaded necklace... Although I personally hate liquorice by seeing this piece I'm sort of reminded of liquorice allsorts, small squares of candy stripes. The beaded resin pieces graduate down from lightest piece to heaviest piece nicely, how sensible.

I like how the red resin pieces have been used as a token gemstone, especially when held in place with a claw of sterling silver. These earrings are cute and I like the teardrop shaped black pieces of resin used on the ends of each earring. It's very reminiscent of art deco design recreated using modern materials with very different techniques. It  works well though, I've always liked the combination of red and black together as reflected in my own personal style.

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