Monday, December 5, 2011

Hannah Carlyle for Edition X

I adore anything coloured lilac and light purple at the moment so I'm obviously in love with the dainty gemstone shaped earrings from Hannah Carlyle's collection with Edition X. If they weren't too expensive I would leap at the opportunity to snap them up, but until then I must bide my time and wait a little longer before I can splash out on fun geometric jewellery.

I am a great lover and admirer of things geometric and that sort of rough emerald cut look that gemstones can sometimes be gifted. Hannah Carlyle is an Australian maker, designer and emerging jeweller based in Adelaide. She completed her degree of a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Applied Design in 2008 and has been an associate at JamFactory in 2009/10.

JamFactory is a unique not-for-profit organisation in the Adelaide city centre which is supported by the South Australian government. JamFactory supports and promotes artistic designs and craftsmanship through its studios, galleries and shops.
The JamFactory has been working with talented artists, craftspeople and designers to present exhibitions and nurture careers for almost forty years.
Hannah Carlyle currently shares a studio space at JamFactory with two fellow jewellers.

Her pieces are like nothing I've ever seen- the mixing and swirling colours of the resin combined with the strong and geometric shapes fit spookily well together.The hand-crafted, swirling and coloured layers of the resin perfected by Carlyle results in unique pieces that are individual and one-of-a-kind. Although the colour scheme may be the same, who really knows what thoughts and feeling from Carlyle may be transferred and transformed into her pieces at their time of creation?
Hannah says: "I coax ‘spontaneous patterns' of colour from the material. I exercise partial control over the miniature swirling storms and coloured layers, unable ever to predict the exact and final outcome."

I like the combination of bright orange, yellow and white- it must be my love affair with candy corn and the jagged emerald cut shape of the resin reminds me of the sweet treat even more! From this piece you can see the variation between the colour and band thickness of some of the colours between one earring and the other. Things that are mass produced by machine have little life to them and there's no magical story behind them whereas with Hannah Carlyle's jewellery you can imagine her sitting and working in her studio space at Jam Factory, industriously slaving to create beautiful gems to become necklaces and earrings. The ripple of the bright orange and yellow of the resin earring pictured on the left is a great feature to the craftsmanship of the pieces and I think I like the pieces with that swirling effect the most.

The straight cut lines of the first earrings pictured (lilac) is also charming and I like that the main colour of the earrings is light purple, my favourite muse at the moment with black and white layers either side.

The combination of red, white and blue (how patriotic) has more of the swirling effect and interplay between the red and white layers. From the photograph of the model you can get a sense of the weight and size of each of the resin gemstone pieces and their bold design. The side profile of the model is quite delicate and pretty but I love the bright colours that seem to shine through and the neat presentation of the model. I think they'd look best on a curator or a very arty librarian; worn by someone who is perceived to have a boring job but leads their own incredible and artistic life when the sun goes down.

I'm continually fascinated and enchanted by the romantic vibes and story-telling that some pieces of jewellery and clothing have to offer and pieces from Hannah Carlyle are no exception.

Hannah Carlyle:
I am currently based in an independent studio within JamFactory.
Hands-on material manipulation is essential to my practice. It is how things are shaped and formed as I’m exploring a variety of methods in working with materials that bring out qualities I feel attracted to.

By exploring processes of manipulation I am trying to capture detail found in the resin, its facets and the reflection of light, continuously looking at the ongoing dialogue between the lines and colours and the textures, shapes and size.

In my subjective investigations, I coax ‘spontaneous patterns of colour’ from the material. I exercise partial control over the miniature swirling storms and coloured layers, unable ever to predict the exact and final outcome.

Hand-pigmented resin Facet Pendant on sterling silver chain by Hannah Carlyle. They remind us of geological rock strata, or a delicious layered cake! In a combination of colours featuring green, white, navy, yellow and turquoise.
The combination of amber, caramel and white all stringed along a bullet chain necklace makes me feel reminiscent of candy corn and melt-in-your-mouth softness. I can only imagine how heavy and large the resin for the necklaces must feel compared to the earrings- hence needing not one, but two strings of necklace to keep them aloft.
I like the simple and skinny grunge necklaces which allow the resin pieces to be the centre of attention of the piece. When mixing with colour like that naturally the best effect would be to not detract attention from the centre piece of the jewellery.
The bright pink in contrast to the red and white resin is dreamy and fantastic. Another weird quirk I'm having lately is the attraction to pink as well as lilac. If you were to wear this stand-out necklace with a little black dress and some brogues; well the top half of the resin necklace in white in contrast with the swirling mixture of pink and red would wow anyone walking past.


If you are interested in contacting Carlyle about her resin pieces and fantastic jewels, you can contact her on
All of the pieces and more are available here at the online shop
Edition X Jewels.

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